30 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

Published 3 years ago

Halloween is coming! Time to take out your avant-garde costumes and carve out scary pumpkins! When it comes to carving pumpkins, some people show off their talents by creating very intricate designs while some make great masterpieces with the least effort by just using their imagination. That’s the thing about carving pumpkins- it gives you the artistic freedom to express your creativity. It’s not only creative but also a great fun activity to do with your family.

To get you more into the Halloween spirit and give you some interesting ideas, we have collected some cute, spooky, weird, and creative pumpkin carvings shared by people all over the internet. Scroll below and get inspired!

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#1 I Carved A Dog-O-Lantern

Image source: DoggieDoc83

#2 Pumpkin Graveyard

Image source: brakertech

#3 Johnny Depp Pumpkin

Image source: Villafane Studios

#4 Smashing Pumpkins

Image source: monalistic

#5 I Carved It From Pumpkins

Image source: PositiveJeffBrown

#6 My Husband’s Pumpkin Carving

Image source: nicolebizzle

#7 My 2014 Pumpkins: Harry vs. Voldemort

Image source: ktownpark

#8 My Wife Won Her Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest After 5 Years Of Disappointment

My Wife Won Her Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest After 5 Years Of Disappointment

Image source: Cazzyodo

#9 My Friend Carves The Best Pumpkins, Half Of My Halloween Excitement Is Waiting To See What He’s Come Up With, Here Is This Year’s

Image source: OhAces

#10 The Collector

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Entry For My Work’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Image source: znikki

#12 So My Friend Won A Pumpkin Carving Contest With This

Image source: ultimate_spaghetti

#13 I Present The Trumpkin, 16 Hours, 56lbs, Three Pumpkins

Image source: TheLuscious

#14 Gandalf vs. Balrog Pumpkin Carving

Image source: ebrad77

#15 I’ve Outdone Myself This Year

Image source: alco_holly

#16 I Work In An Animation Studio With Some Of The Best Artists I’ve Ever Met And This Is The Pumpkin That Won Our Carving Contest Yesterday

Image source: aptkr_

#17 Someone Got The Pumpkins Right

Image source: xMeta4x

#18 My Pumpkin Carving This Year

Image source: JenniferKellyHoskins

#19 I Carved The Scariest Pumpkin I Could Imagine

Image source: fordr015

#20 Anglerfish Pumpkin

Image source: lanschk

#21 My Friend Is Awesome At Carving Pumpkins

Image source: DankPawt

#22 Is My Rick And Morty Pumpkin Worthy Of Your Praise?

Image source: tlongdesign

#23 Unbelievable Viking Pumpkin

Image source: VillafaneStudios

#24 When You Don’t Know What To Carve – Star Wars

Image source: ThePumpkinGeek

#25 Luigi’s Mansion Pumpkin

Image source: ceemdee

#26 My Pumpkins For Halloween This Year

Image source: Sabare

#27 I Just Finished My Pumpkin Carving. “The Mad Titan, Thanos”

Image source: DoggieDoc83

#28 My Wife’s Contribution For The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image source: mej3737

#29 My Work Friend Carved This In Our Annual Work Pumpkin Carving Contest, It Was His First Pumpkin And It Took Him 10 Hours

Image source: Sneekpreview

#30 My 16-Year-Old Niece’s Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Image source: Anteye1

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