25 Home Styling Trends That Need To Disappear ASAP, As Shared By Interior Designers In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

No matter the latest fads and trends in home design, your home is your castle. You are in full power to decorate it as you wish (unless it’s a rental, then make sure to confirm with your landlord first!) And after all, you are the one who will have to spend most of the time there, so you better be happy with the setting!

Nonetheless, interior design is some people’s bread and butter. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to listen to what advice they may have. Reddit user u/uwfan893 turned to the Ask Reddit community to determine which home interior trends have outlived their usefulness and popularity and need to stop ASAP.

Look at what the designers had to say and which home interior fads will begin to fade in the near future.

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Image source: coolandschmidt

Rich people putting marble absolutely everywhere. It looks tacky


Image source: patronsaintofshinies

Live laugh love.


Image source: bluegrass76

I’m still training in kitchen design for a retail store and in my short time in this department I can tell you everyone wants white shaker-style cabinets. EVERYONE. I’m so sick of doing basic, unimaginative kitchens. The white in-stock shaker-style cabinets are also our biggest sellers. In-stock cabinets are complete trash and fall apart if you look at them wrong.


Image source: notagoodusername183

Beating minimalism to death with a sledgehammer. Everything being grey/white, even painting over gorgeous natural wood, practically zero color anywhere. Just breaks my heart when they take beautiful vintage homes and renovate them to shit by making everything look so sterile.


Image source: oleander4tea

No door between the master bedroom and master bathroom. It’s so annoying.

The last 3 houses I’ve lived in have had this issue. I like to be able to close the door when I take a bath or shower.


Image source: dizzyelk

Shitty bathtubs. I grew up in a 100-year-old house. It had a nice bathtub with a sloping back so you could comfortably lounge in the bath. Modern tubs are pretty nearly straight up on the back so there’s no comfortable way to soak, smoke a joint, and read a book.


Image source: CristabelYYC

No broom closets. Where the hell do people put their mops and vacuum cleaners? Or do the people who buy those McMansions just not do any of their own cleaning?


Image source: A_Bit_Off_Kilter

Lack of storage space. Just bought a new home and didn’t realize how little space there was. We have one storage closet upstairs. That’s it.


Image source: aFineMoose

Someday people are going to realize that having entirely white walls and exposed concrete isn’t very homey.


Image source: nintendojunkie17


I don’t even know what it is, but HGTV won’t shut up about it so clearly there’s going to be far too much of it in a few years.


Image source: 02K30C1

Open-concept bathrooms.

I don’t need to see you taking a dump from my bed.


Image source: lyan-cat

I don’t know if it’s new new, but it drives me crazy when people replace cabinetry with open shelves.

Don’t people understand dust? Bugs ring a bell? Pet hair? Speaking of pets, how do you keep your cats from messing around with that setup?


Image source: 0rangePolarBear

I really don’t like the fireplace design where you are intended to put your TV over it. A TV is way too high when over the fireplace.


Image source: CptnStarkos

Not homes, but open plan offices are just cruel.


Image source: myotheregg

Gray. Everything gray.

It’s the orange and brown of the 60s, 70s, and 80.

It’s the beige of the 90s and 00s


Image source: missfoxsticks

Fake panelling. Grey everything.


Image source: RandiiMarsh

Weird fixation perhaps, but I cannot stand kitchen cupboards that don’t go all the way up to the ceiling. No cabinet storage + a big gap on top for my husband to pile all kinds of crap = no thanks.


Image source: ProofBelt5

Removing stair banisters for a crisp look. Like your drunk friend Brooks is going to fall off the side and die one day. There are building codes for reasons


Image source: Red_AtNight

All white kitchens is going to seriously date houses in a decade or so. You know the ones I mean – white cabinets, quartz countertops, white backsplash


Image source: groundsgonesour

I hate the design of homes that have a massive garage in the front; “welcome to my garage, the home is in the back.”


Image source: GillianOMalley

Definitely barn doors.


Image source: Sarah-the-Great

Wasted space. This includes enormous bedrooms with sitting areas, homes with equal number of bed and bathrooms, extravagant foyers that eat half the front of a house, formal living and/dining rooms that never get used. Etc


Image source: Coconut-bird

Humongous kitchen islands. I’m only 5 ft tall and I have to walk around the entire thing to get it clean. It’s just too big to be convenient.

Add to that open shelves instead of cabinets. I’m sorry my boxes of pasta and cans of soup are not going to be attractive no matter what I do with them.

I also want separation between the kitchen and the living space.

I guess I just hate modern kitchens…



those dumbass fake balconies


Image source:  level 1 downvoteallyoulike

I’ve seen several homes with appliances integrated into the construction of the kitchen itself. Not just in an alcove but actually built into the wall. Sure, it’s convenient that there’s a fucking cappuccino machine built into the wall next to the cabinet over the center island countertop. But what happens when (not if, when) it needs maintenance? Do I have to call a goddamn carpenter as well as a cappuccino machine repairman? Do I have to consider if this is a fucking load bearing wall that contains my broken appliance? And something that’s just a convenience like that is one thing, but they do it with stuff like fridges too.

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