Italian Handcrafted Silver Bookmarks

Published 7 years ago

We have been artisan goldsmiths since 1983. In the last few years we have been following an idea that brings together the passion for our work, the talent for drawing and imagination and the love of books and art. Our goal is to give warmth and a soul to our little gems, trying to instill the same emotions we feel while creating them.

Our bookmarks tell their stories thanks to the enchantment of art, literature and nature: the sources of our inspiration. Their tale unwinds through the magic of handworked silver, the many hues of gold plating, the unpredictable shades of oxidation and the design of engravings. The extreme attention to detail, typical of Italian craftsmanship, makes our bookmarks particularly special, precious in their artisan charm and exquisite quality.

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Blossoming Cherry

The delicate, harmonious shapes of this work by Zekkai Chushin (1334-1405) caught our attention and we decided to reproduce its elegance and refinement in a bookmark that portrays cherry branches in blossom against a golden background.

Blossoming Cherry

Japanese Dragon

We were inspired by the evocative power of this Meiji period dragon (1868-1912) to create this elaborate bookmark that brings to mind the fascinating iconography of the Far East.

Morning after Rain

The Monkey cannot sit still, is a volcano of ideas, proposals, initiatives in which he easily involves his many friends and followers. Is he planning a new adventure, or vain as he is, is he just looking at himself in his watery reflection?

The black and white cat

The black and white cat

This bookmark meows. Its impossible to resist falling in love with this cat and it’s expression lost in serious thought. We used a light engraving technique to render it’s soft coat – and as a matter of fact, you might be tempted to pet it.

Bullfinch and weeping cherry blossoms

Katsushika Hokusai’s acute spirit of observation (1760-1849) comes through this work that is a wealth of intricate detail and movement. We chose this work to portray in a bookmark so we could give homage to the artist and reinterpret it with the delicacy of our hand-cut silver.

The Hare

A hand is the essence of action: it grasps, creates and sometimes you could say that it thinks. When it is at rest it is not an inanimate tool, left there on the table or abandoned, lifeless: habit, instinct, and will-to-act whirl within it, and it’s easy to predict the gesture it will soon make...creating a new universe, leaving its traces everywhere. The handiwork transforms along with the material it is transforming, along with the shapes that it brings to life. (Henri Focillon, Éloge de la main)

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