10+ Of The Best Comparison Of Real Women Vs Kate Middleton After Giving Birth

Published 6 years ago

On April 23rd a third child was born to Prince Willian and The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. As per usual, after the birth of their child, the royal family did a very quick appearance outside the hospital, showing their newborn child and waving for the crowd. Well as you would expect, The Duchess of Cambridge looked like a true goddess with her hair blowing in the wind and her gorgeous red dress which was a subtle tribute to Princess Diana.

But as always, when it comes to such major events like this, Internet reacts in the funniest way. This time, some women noticed how beautiful Kate Middleton looked, and even though it’s definitely not a bad thing, people were surprised how did she manage to look this perfect just 7 hours after giving birth? So, mothers started comparing their pictures after giving birth to Kate Middleton’s, and the result is hilarious! Let’s take a look, shall we?


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On April 23rd, a third child was born to Prince Willian and The Duchess of Cambridge, and on their first public appearance Kate Middleton looked stunning

Image credits: Steve Back

Naturally, people started wondering  what sorcery this is

Image credits: LidiaNews

Some wild guesses included Kate Middleton being a real Wonder Woman

While other moms started sharing their own pics, comparing the expectations and a harsh reality

Image credits: ruthannieparnell

Image credits: yvejones

Image credits: theformer_ntmom

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Image credits: rebekahbabbage

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Image credits: PrettySophieK

Image credits: AilynElizabeth3

Image credits: JadeBarnes23

Image credits: Helen_Reeve_

Someone revealed that even years after giving birth it’s impossible to look this good

Image credits: tialuke

Other moms shared messaged of compassion stating that Kate Middleton must be hiding it all in

And some were setting new goals for themselves in life

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