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Photographer Shows The Scary Side Of The “Addicted” Streets Of Philadelphia

Published 3 years ago

#11 Susan

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#12 Matt Neal

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#13 Mary

“I don’t just do this for drugs. I do this because I wanna eat, because I like to buy clothes, because I like the small things, you know. I did have a normal life once but…I really believe, like if my, if my family say like, “Mary come, come home stay with us” like, if I could I would…”

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#14 Matt Neal (same as pictured in #12)

He struggled with drug addiction after being released from prison. Sepsis developed in his left leg. Because of his addiction, he failed to meet the treatment regimen and eventually the doctors had to amputate part of the leg.

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#15 Vinny

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#16 Melissa’s Arms

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#17 Bobby

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#18 Nichole

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#19 Kensington And Somerset

Maria: “I’ve been here almost 8 years and I see a lot of bad stuff going around. They say when you go between it, you gonna do it too.” Robert: “You don’t need no cable, you don’t have to watch TV. You just gotta sit out here. You see drama, you see soap opera, you see violence and crime.” Maria: “You even see sex.”

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge

#20 Matt (same as pictures in #12 and #14) And Brian

Matt shoots Brian in the neck in front of the McPherson Square Library on Kensington Avenue. It’s 10 AM on Sunday morning.

Image source: Jeffrey Stockbridge


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