44 Memes That Roast The Cringier Aspects Of The LinkedIn Grindset

Published 7 months ago

The hustle of the working life can be exhausting even if it does liberate you from the burden of financial worries. One way to combat the depleting nature of the grind is to take a light-hearted approach just to retain some objectivity. 

The “LinkedIn Memes for Go Getter Teens” Facebook page assuages this need with a riveting collection of ridiculous yet thought-provoking memes. Scroll below for this relatable series that’s a much-needed reminder that you are not alone in the fight, so chin up and keep going fam!

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Image source: Jennifer Black, x.com

Charlie the CatOoh… I’m definitely using this!


Image source: Nicky Dale

Cat loverOMG. This is gold


Image source: Syed Shayan Bukhari

DittoThey didn’t say which drug, could be a workaholic /j


Image source: Jennifer Dennis Potter

From beyond the Banana BreadEverybody: “Be yourself!” Me: Is himself. Everybody: “NOT LIKE THIS!”


Image source: Nicole Arnaud


Image source: শিশির রহমান

Stephanie Did ItOh how I wish I could go back in time and ask this


Image source: শিশির রহমান, x.com

deejakIf you have any questions, please don’t. Hesitate to ask.


Image source: Kasun Gunarathne


Image source: Danny Barry, x.com

LionPaws_and_RadarEarsI am but a poor student, yet my library is vastly bigger than my TV! Plus, the TV was bought 3rd hand to give the dog something to fall asleep to while I get some work done.


Image source: Alvin Lim


Image source: Raza Sohail

Amy“Fast paced and dynamic” is code for “overworked, underpaid, with a high turnover rate for good reason.”


Image source: Roger Stemler, x.com


Image source: Jennifer Dennis Potter


Image source: Mark Turingan

Jon Steensenthey can’t let a computer read your resume, dismiss you, and automatically send the generic rejectionletter, unless you put that information in a very rigid form that it can actually work with. Only giving them a resume would actually require them to lift a finger and do some serious work.


Image source: Arsalan Ahmed

troufaki13Isn’t life and prison more or less the same? Both are confined, get out for about an hour a day, eat, sleep, repeat. The only difference is the sex. I don’t get any 😭😅


Image source: Karan ST

SonjaHate to say it, but I much prefer self-checkout.


Image source: Adam S Walburger

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: He probably can’t afford to not work.


Image source: Todd Lemons

Stephanie Did ItNote the memo was addressed to the ‘younger folks in the workplace,’ i.e. the inexperienced and gullible


Image source: W.T. Röot

Feisty CatConsidering I am on disability and thus not working, I guess the rest of my life? Rather have my health back and my job again though.


Image source: Ahsan Ali

Sergy YeltsenSpeaking from experience?


Image source: Mysterious Content

DittoAh the nice uno reverse card, love to see it


Image source: শিশির রহমান


Image source: Syed Shayan Bukhari

PandaRave (edited): I’ve always loved this. McDonalds cashier = Director of Food and Beverage Sales at a multibillion dollar corporation. Janitor= Public Health and Safety Sanitation Expert. Homeless Dumpster Diver= Specialized Socio-Economic Urban Archaeologist Etc, but like does any of this actually work lol


Image source: Víctor Iván Coello

Bored somethingIs his name Monty?


Image source: Morgan McCollough


Image source: Shaquille Francis


Image source: Rehan Fernando, x.com

Stephanie Did ItFailed his way up the corporate ladder


Image source: Somtochukwu Uchendu, x.com

Debra McGeorgeI suffered no management fools and got that a lot on my reviews. Was always from first time supervisors who couldn’t manage their way out of a hat and I was semi-retired professional manager. Wasn’t going to play their dumb games.


Image source: Ramachandra Bhakta

UndercoverNice burn! 😂😂👍


Image source: Zen Maliksi

James016To be fair, that’s actually quite clever.


Image source: Genevieve Jackalope, x.com

PrzemoI love that! We had a recurring monday meeting named „Complaining about boss”. It was 1 hour long, but we barely covered the topic 😂


Image source: Angelyna Nguyễn


Image source: Paddy Jobsman


Image source: Jennifer Dennis Potter


Image source: Vlad Spark


Image source: Nicky Dale, x.com

Gabriele Alfredo Pini (edited): Also this is the fallacy of the survivor. How many had the same drive, intelligence and opportunities and failed? https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1827:_Survivorship_Bias


Image source: Leandro Cueva

WindySwedeAll of the job seekers, horray I got the job! /jk


Image source: Vlad Spark

Katy McMouseThat man needs to relinquish his Senate seat.


Image source: Ripley Owermöhle


Image source: Griffin Lyons

BolsDear Gen-Z, take it from us Millenials – don’t go above and beyond. We did it basically our whole lives and only thing we got from it is burnout. Do exactly what you are paid for and NOTHING more, enjoy small things, take care of yourselves, spend time with your loved ones and defend work-life balance.


Image source: Charlie Whiskey

LionPaws_and_RadarEars: Not even a packet of mints. A single mint!


Image source: শিশির রহমান


Image source: Somtochukwu Uchendu


Image source: Statsystem, x.com

Jon SteensenSeem like the work equivalent of the romantic game of playing hard to get. The job market (also) don’t work like that, as no one have time for that sh!t.

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