25 Men Who Let Their Hair Grow And Looked Awesome With Their ‘Majestic Manes’

Published 2 weeks ago

In the vast expanse of cyberspace, where communities of every shape and size flourish, one particular subreddit stands out as a haven for a unique breed of individuals: the Majestic Manes. This digital enclave is dedicated to celebrating men who proudly sport luscious, flowing locks.

With its vibrant community and stunning visuals, Majestic Manes offers a refreshing counter-narrative to traditional norms of masculinity and hair grooming. Let’s take a closer look at this captivating corner of the internet through some striking images that showcase the beauty and diversity of long male hair.

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#1 Back With Another Side Braid Variation! Braid On Each Side Combined Into A Ponytail With The Rest Of My Mane

Image source: reddit.com

Disgruntled Pelican: “It’s giving “Norse God” vibes and I love it!”

#2 Completely Shaved Head To These Locks In 4-5 Years

Image source: Will_East_Roker

JuJu: “Long hair AND tats? Yes, please!”

#3 Just Discovered This Sub, Figured I Submit My Application To The Club

Image source: CzarXavier

Id row: “I would like to order your calendar :)”

#4 Am I Welcome Here??

Image source: therealjanusmcmanus

#5 Native Keeping It Traditional

Image source: murr521

Lorraine Woollands: “Handsome”

Griffy: “Would I get into trouble if I drooled? I love long hair on men. My last boyfriend, before he passed, had super long hair that was literally half silver strands.”

#6 5 Years Strong!

Image source: TheSelinaMeyer

Gaerwing: “Captain Hook – The Early Years”

#7 61 Years Old. Still Got My Thick Hair

Image source: Maleficent_Long_761

Auntriarch: “Rohan isn’t riding today, just chilling”

#8 Summer Past

Image source: metrohippie

#9 Fishtail Braid – Loch Faskally

Image source: reddit.com

#10 Chopped Off 6 Inches. Feels So Much Better

Image source: Due-Relationship-595

#11 First Post Ever:.)

Image source: Strange-Albatross717

#12 Majestic Enough For Here?

Image source: MarsNirgal

#13 Big Hair Don’t Care

Image source: GinoFoxtails

#14 Behold The Mane

Image source: _bigbleu_

#15 So, How Do My Fellow Longhaired Fellas Feel About My Mess?

Image source: SynysterGh0st666

#16 Got Called Ma’am At Costco, Not Even Mad About It. Nearly Two Years Since My Last Buzz Cut

Image source: Sadi_SaDiablo

#17 I’ll Never Go Back To Short Hair

Image source: zpm38

#18 I Get Mistaken For A Chic A Lot

Image source: beautiful-dude

#19 Do I Qualify

Image source: mhrfloo

#20 This Is A Mane Right? ?

Image source: Ok-Magician9382

#21 It’s About Time I Made A Post… 3 Years Of Growth!

Image source: pilznerydoughboy

#22 2 Years Of Growth. 2 Weeks Of Quarantine. 2 Eyes Always Watching Me

Image source: ProstituteRobot

#23 First Time Posting Here. Any Thoughts?

Image source: CoCrimson_eXe

#24 Been Growing Out My Hair For A Bit Over 3 Years!

Image source: Carrotcakearot

#25 Behold! Longest My Hair Has Ever Been

Image source: TheCeruleanFire

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