30 People Who Look Nothing Like Their Age

Published 9 months ago

When we were children we couldn’t wait to look older so that we would be taken more seriously. After reaching a certain age, we try our hardest to look younger instead. Our love/hate relationship with age has been a battle fought by many over a long period of time. 

Don’t forget that in-between phase, when you’ve just left childhood but you’re not old enough to drink or drive. Indeed, looks can be deceiving with some people and it can be difficult to suss out how old exactly someone is. Scroll below to check out some interesting submissions made on the subreddit r/13or30 of pictures of peeps whose age it can be a little harder than others to guesstimate. 

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#1 My Dad Looked Like A Pre-Midlife Crisis Businessman… When He Was 17


“No way!😮”

Image source: Dolouj56

#2 5 Or 50 (To Life)

Some Weirdo :“I’m just gunna say it. Looks like mr beans alter ego.”

Image source: reddit.com

#3 This Trick-Or-Treater

“My 15 year old son during trick or treat. What is he dressed as, you ask? He is a Sheild Agent, he wasn’t collecting candy, he was handing out cards to all the kids dressed as Marvel characters asking them if they were interested in the Avengers initiative.”

Some Weirdo:

“This is amazing”

Image source: hardytom540

#4 Baby Daddy? Baby? Daddy?

Image source: Typo_Qeuen

#5 5 Or 25?

Image source: reddit.com

#6 15 Or 50

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Me, 14, Looking Like A 40 Year Old Russian Housewife Named Valenka

Say No to Downvoting”:

“Okay, 10 points for the caption 😂”

Image source: LorahTink

#8 Jamie Foxx, 18 Years Old


“He looks like the soul glo man in „coming to america“”

Image source: quercky

#9 Matronly 40-Year Old Korean Librarian? Nope! Just Me, A 12-Year Old Boy

Chex Mylicks:

“40-Year Old Korean Librarian?” i lost my sht LMAOOO”

Image source: PlagueLords

#10 Sadly, A Problem I Can Relate To As Well


“Hey, you there! Where is your hall pass?!” – “… I work here Linda.”

Image source: betterthannothing123

#11 The Author Of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Forgot To Age

Image source: Lamabunnyvile

#12 My Sister Is 22 Going On 12

Image source: BleachedTwizzler

#13 Well, Actually

Mavis :

“I’m presuming the cops used the excuse “we thought he was an adult!”…….because it sounds better than the real reason they pulled their guns on him.”

Image source: Dudleysdad

#14 Me At 14 Looking 40

Chrille :

“More like 65.”

Image source: ShredderZ122

#15 Thomas Brodie-Sangster… 33 Going On 12

Image source: superhobbitsam

#16 Thought I Would Post Myself… I’m 31 Lmao

LeeAnne B :

I bet you get carded when going into a bar or pub.

Image source: ottawsimofol

#17 Me At 11 Rocking The Granny Sweater

Image source: SJHCJellyBean

#18 This Police Officer

Katey Doll :

“Aww he’s a Laptop.. cause he’s a small PC.”

Image source: Penguin_Pulveriser

#19 7 Year Old Kid Or 30 Year Old Tennis Instructor Named Derek

Image source: TheMinimob

#20 This Bodybuilder With A 13 Year Old’s Face

Jamppa (edited) :

“Looks like his shoulders have deflated..🤔”

Image source: unobjectionable

#21 An Update For Y’all

Lydsylou :

I remember this! He is definitely 36 because he was tracked down after the match and he proved his age. He also has a couple of kids and a wife

Image source: Beeroy69

#22 26 Year Old Kenyan Footballer, Joash Onyango

troufaki13:“No no. That’s his grandpa!”

𝕶𝙖𝙩𝙚 : (edited)“he actually had his beard dyed because people said that he looked too old to play soccer professionally (they thought he was age cheating) article link: https://sportsbrief.com/football/7582-afcon-2019-old-man-joash-onyango-dyes-beard-social-media-trolling/”

Image source: evanthompson123

#23 12 Y/O Me In My Family Photo. I Look Like A 35 Y/O Secretary Who Makes The Best Christmas Cookies At Work

Image source: thrifting24_7

#24 Acosta’s Daughter

Winnie the Moo :

“They should cast her for a horror movie. Also, imo, these parents should be in jail for these haircuts!”

Image source: Cocktupus

#25 26 Or 6 Years Young?

Image source: Mcramblett

#26 Not Sure If It Has Been Posted Before But Damn

Image source: SirSeppuku

#27 A Giant 3 Y/O Or A Baby Faced 23 Y/O?

Image source: Batguy92

#28 Me At 13 Looking Like A 30 Year Old Single Mom Who Loves Boxed Wine And Mlms

Image source: vwizzy

#29 Child’s Birthday Or 50 Year Olds Early Retirement?

Image source: stuffaboutsomestuff

#30 11 Y/O Boy, 22 Y/O Drag Queen Or 38 Y/O Lesbian?

Megan Curl :

“Well, this shot is from RuPaul’s drag race, and she is fabulous!”

Image source: lexaquin

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