20 People Complaining That There’s Is Way Too Much Work Than Life In The Modern World

Published 3 years ago

Do you ever feel that you are working more than living? Most people spend their whole life trying to work hard to maintain a decent living standard. It’s sad that people have to give up their family time, hobbies, and other things due to hectic work schedules.

Some people are so frustrated with the disbalance in work-life balance in the modern system that they couldn’t resist expressing it out loud on social media. Scroll below to see some of the people ranting about the unfair system.

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#1 Don’t Let Them Fool You- We Swim In An Ocean Of Abundance

Image source: babadookspinoza

#2 Work Takes 11 Hours Of My Time, Not Just 8

Image source: n-word_lover

#3 Sometimes I Wonder How We Aren’t In A Near Constant State Of Revolt

Image source: GrandpaChainz

#4 That Sunday Feeling

Image source: signuser

#5 Life Is Meaningless – But In A Good Way

Image source: melatoninlau

#6 Get Bent, Brian

Image source: Buttery_Hamwater

#7 On God

Image source: shailjapatel

#8 But Your Passion Is Working Until You Die Right?

Image source: lanaskittens

#9 One Of The Most Brilliant Minds To Have Ever Lived Was Crushed Mentally And Physically By Capitalism. He Was Robbed Of The Fruits Of His Labor, Manipulated And His Research Sabotaged In The Race For Profit

Image source: uw888

#10 I’m With This Guy

Image source: Grayhaem

#11 This Is A Big Factor Of Why I Have Depression

Image source: NieshaHildreth

#12 Title

Image source: SamuelKOfficial

#13 Welcome To Our Lovely Society

Image source: NXHLVS

#14 The American Dream Is To Move Out

Image source: TreJames_

#15 Nobody Ever Wanted To Work

Image source: plsleaveamsg

#16 School Prepares You To Be A Good Wage Slave

Image source: QueerlyAutistic

#17 Is There More To Life Than Work?

Image source: kellynotbrecht

#18 Same Here My Brother

Image source: rsonic17

#19 There Is Nothing Good About Huddle Culture

Image source: KaluhisKitchen

#20 And People Wonder Why This Sub Exists

Image source: alitlstrawberry

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