30 Posts That Might Hurt To Look At, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

There are all types of things in the world – the good and the bad. Most people prefer to experience only good things and avoid the bad ones. However, there is no Yin without the Yang – balance is vital, my friends!

So, today we have scoured some gross images from the subreddit Make Me Suffer to balance out our wholesome posts. If you can endure pain and disgust, go ahead, scroll below, and have a look at these images. And if you wish to suffer more, check out our previous post here.

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#1 Little Kid Crying Because Mom Found His Pee Drawer

Image source: LambDProVEVO

#2 Brushing Your Teeth And You Realise There Were More Bristles Today

Image source: 4juice

#3 The Source Of My Mom’s Car Odor (Spoiled Milk Gone Unnoticed In The Tire Hatch)

Image source: quinn_thomas

#4 Whoever Designed This Deserves A Slow Death

Image source: Erebus_83

#5 Jar Of Chocolate Reserved For An Animal Hospital’s Euthanasia Appointments. They Said It’s Because Dogs Don’t Deserve To Die Without Tasting Chocolate

Image source: areyouthedevil

#6 Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis “Treeman Syndrome”

Image source: LuminescentDust

#7 Please….. Stop Mentioning How Hot It Is

Image source: AlpineCorbett

#8 For All My Car Guys Out There

Image source: MistyGrapeFox87

#9 Have A Guess How Much Pain I’m In

Image source: thereallilcya

#10 Oh Hell No

Image source: chillidog1643

#11 Imagine All The Poop Particles On The Food They Serve

Image source: soofan1

#12 Apparently, I’m Allergic To Everything

Image source: thezoltan88

#13 South Shore Vet Clinic: “This Tick Has Been Hanging Around For Us To Show People For A While”

Image source: Secvndvs

“After months in a sealed container with no additional feeding she laid eggs. This gives you an idea of how long a tick can be dormant and how many eggs one female can lay.”

#14 Bottles Of Pee Thrown Into The Woods By Truck Drivers

Image source: dial_m_for_me

#15 An X-Ray Of A Man’s Arm That Was Crushed By A Meat Grinder

Image source: Weird_person_1114

#16 Who Does This

Image source: tektekboi

#17 That’s How It Works?

Image source: RememberYanka

#18 I Have No Words

Image source: superviespiel

#19 Jesus I’m Scared…

Image source:  MemeAqueen

#20 What Getting Shot In The Elbow With A 12 Gauge Shotgun Looks Like On X-Ray

Image source: coolsnackchris

#21 Be White Like Ghost, Float Down River For 4hrs No Sunscreen

Image source: Justthetiip

#22 This Guy Trying To Fix This Mess

Image source: Crazylamp1

#23 Bed Bugs

Image source: kilgoresparrot

#24 Ancient Egyptian Dental Work

Image source: MrMcNugget420

#25 Perks Of Living In Desert Areas

Image source: tastlesswater

#26 Every Gun Is Loaded And Every Pot Handle Is Hot

Image source: blurrrf

#27 First Micky And Minnie Costumes Circa 1939

Image source: bowlerboy2

#28 It’s Transformation Into A Real Mouse Is Nearly Complete

Image source: ItzMersh

#29 A Friend Of Mine Had Scoliosis And This Is Pictures From Their Surgery

Image source: Trust-p1ckle

#30 Dad Almost Drank Him But They Def Touched Lips

Image source: kimbuttbot

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