20 Random And Disturbing Facts About The World We Live In That Might Keep You Awake At Night

Published 2 years ago

We envision the greenery, breathtaking landscapes, animals, rainbows, thunder, earthquakes, and even childbirth when we think of nature. It’s powerful, dynamic, ever-changing, majestic, and almost idyllic. Yet, it’s not all glorious and pretty. Some things about nature and living beings are rather disturbing, creepy even. Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ve been taught about it in your biology or history class.

Thanks to these two threads on Reddit (1,2), we compiled the list of the most disturbing facts about life on Planet Earth that most people are unaware of. We included biological things that occur in nature, creepy historical occurrences, and other random but no less disturbing facts. Scroll below and let us know if you have heard of any of these things? Do you know any other creepy facts to add to the list? Leave a comment!

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Image source: Sovht, Pavel Danilyuk

If a fetus doesn’t get enough calcium from their mother’s diet they will take the calcium from their mother’s bones.


Image source: chickadeedeedee_, cottonbro

Adult teeth in toddlers are right under their eyes.


Image source: CheesyTacos68, Lucien Monfils

You could drop dead instantly [of] a brain hemorrhage/aneurism and have no warning signs prior. One second you’re perfectly fine, and the next you’re dead


Image source: [deleted], Esparta Palma

There is an island of dolls in Mexico City that has thousands of creepy dolls to honor a little girl who drowned in the 1950s. The island is also one of the most haunted places.


Image source: OdaSet, wikipedia

The last use of a guillotine in France was the same year the first Star Wars movie premiered. 1977


Image source: TrashbinTerry, Till Niermann

The Roman Empire lasted over 1000 years, American society is only 243 years old, we could quite possibly collapse just like the Roman Empire did.


Image source: opossum-effigy, brokinhrt2

Drowning is quiet, and most kids drown right in front of the person that’s supposed to be watching them.


Image source: PatheticSwede, Atharva Tulsi

About 3 000 people disappear every year in the US and are never found again


Image source: MrK1ng5had0w, Joel Mills

You have a bunch of microscopic parasites called Demodex on your eyelashes and in the pores on your face. They come out at night to lay eggs on and eat the oils on your face.


Image source: Wilgrove, Lee Honeycutt

When a person is electrocuted in the electric chair, they feel everything. They are fully aware of their bodies being fried as it happens in real-time.

One inmate who survived the first round of electrocution said it tasted like cold peanut butter.


Image source: iMac_Hunt, Pixabay

It’s estimated that there [are] around 25-50 active serial killers in the US


Image source: BackdoorConquistodor, cottonbro

There is a rare genetic disease called Fatal familial insomnia where over the course of months you literary can not go or be put to sleep no matter what you take or what you do. The symptoms get progressively worse until finally you stay awake watching yourself go insane until you [pass away] from exhaustion.


Image source: Eruran_e, NIKITA SHIROKOV

If you stare at the mirror in the dark long enough, your brain starts to make your eyes see things. Usually transforming you, or the room into something horrifying- more usually monsters. This is called ”peripheral fading” or the Troxler Effect.


Image source: BukakeRuinedMyRug, RODNAE Productions

Somewhat recently (2012), scientists discovered over 1,400 new species of bacteria living in the belly button. Everyone’s belly button ecology is unique (add it to the fingerprints & snowflakes list). In that same study, 1 volunteers belly button harbored bacteria strands that had only ever been found in soil from Japan- where this man has never been.


Image source: iknowthisischeesy, Archives Of Ontario (not the actual photo)

In 1844, there was a case of hysteria in a French convent of nuns. One started meowing and after a week all the nuns were meowing harmoniously in the afternoons. It didn’t stop until neighbors called soldiers.


Image source: Omny87, Greenmars

The bodies of the sailors who died on the Edmund Fitzgerald are still down there, almost perfectly preserved, due to the water at that depth being just barely above freezing. Divers who have explored the wreckage have seen their bodies frozen in place to parts of the ship, and have come back reporting that they feel as if they were being followed during their time underwater.

Photos were taken, but per the request of the crew’s family, they have never been released to the public.



Image source: Comics4Cooks

Chainsaws were originally invented for childbirth.


Image source: Sora984, Masaki Miya

Anglerfish, when Anglerfish mates the male Literally deforms its body and fuses with the female then they live together for the rest of their lives


Image source: Back2Bach, Edelseider

A “Rat King” is a phenomenon created when a large group of rats become fused together by their tails via ice, dirt, hair, blood, or even feces.

Encounters with this horrible phenomenon inspired some of humanity’s greatest myths.


Image source: NotMyShoes93, Wikipedia

Cotard’s Delusion is a rare psychiatric condition, severe cases of which cause the sufferer to wholeheartedly believe they are dead, putrefying, or simply do not exist. Some Cotard’s patients refuse to eat, as they do not believe they need to, with one notable patient dying of starvation. Another woman once asked to be taken to a morgue to be with the other dead people.

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