20 Times People Shared Disturbing Facts That They Wish They Never Knew

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes we come across random information that is so weird or dark that we wish we never knew about it in the first place. The world is full of crazy things that are unknown to most people. And there is a reason for it! Not everyone can digest unsettling facts easily.

The Redditors u/Literal-Pile-of-Poo and u/Yoloextreme345 asked people about disturbing things that they never knew, and folks on Reddit have delivered some creepy and sad facts that are not for the faint-hearted. Check out some bizarre and distressing facts shared by Reddit users in the gallery below!

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Image source: Aaa0n_ ·

“There is micro plastic in everything you eat and drink. Even the air you breathe contains plastic.”


Image source: Icy_Improvement_3286

“Giving birth has higher mortality rate than having an abortion.”


Image source: Alternative_Bar_2535

“There are face mites which live inside your pores next to your hair follicle, eat your sebum, don’t have anuses and come out at night to mate on your skin. And there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m so sorry.”


Image source: BLA_VS

“The average polar bear liver contains enough Vitamin A to kill 52 adults.”


Image source: libanator4

“I remember being told eggs have a protein structure so similar to our blood that you could use blood as an egg substitute in cakes etc. Really wish I wasn’t told that.”


Image source: SueSudio

“Doctors used to perform heart surgery on infants without anesthesia. Thankfully this practice was ended. In the 1980s.”


Image source: gunslinger9_19

“Anything and everything about Albert Fish. Man was a true degenerate. If you’re faint of heart or have a weak stomach, do NOT look him up. Absolutely disgusting. I wish I could unread everything I read about him.”


Image source: rasslinsmurf

“When X-ray technology first became widely available to pediatricians, they noticed a startling high number of broken bones. Befuddled doctors assumed there was a previously unknown pediatric bone disease being observed for the first time. Turns out we had no idea how common child abuse is.”


Image source: sirchickenbs

“That some tumors can grow teeth and hairs.”


Image source: error606nofucksgiven

“Whales don’t die from old age they just lose the strength to pull themselves up for air and slowly sink and drown.”


Image source: NorthernStockNoob

“Right now, your Government is doing things YOU think only OTHER Governments do.”


Image source: Magic-Baguette

“Three of the air packs that were found on the wreckage of the Challenger disaster were activated, meaning at least one of the astronauts was alive all the way to the ocean.”


Image source: ShrimpOfMantis

“It takes 8 pounds of pressure to tear off a human ear; a force approximately equivalent to crushing a soda can.”


Image source: Some_Category

“You can grow teeth on your ovaries.”


Image source: WattebauschXC

“The body fat of a drowned person turns into a soap-like substance if they stay underwater with no air contact.”


Image source: VorlonKing

“I was told by a very senior police officer (a parent of a kid I taught) that it is estimated that 30% of all missing persons reported to police who are never located have been murdered and more often than not they have been murdered by the person reporting them missing in the first place. The police know this, but lack evidence to proceed with prosecutions.”


Image source: Poht8Oh

“Urine used to be an ingredient in stained glass. So now whenever I see old churches with stained glass, I think of piss-stained rainbow windows.”


Image source: musiotunya

“Around 30 people die every year, getting crushed from shaking a vending machine.”


Image source: patricksaurus

“One of the most toxic chemicals on Earth is an organic mercury compound. The material safety sheet notes that it has a slightly sweet odor, but at a concentration where the smell is detectable, it is already lethal. That observation came from someone who would inevitably die from accidental exposure.”


Image source: Pharah_is_my_waIfu

“Dolphins cut off the head of smaller fish and use it for masturbation. Nature is wonderful innit?”

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