20 Times People In This Online Group Decided To Share Not-So-Fun Facts

Published 2 years ago

Some facts can put a smile on your face while some of them can send a shiver down your spine. Whatever emotional response they trigger inside you, little snippets of information are always interesting and can teach you something new.

When someone on Reddit asked about fun facts that aren’t so fun to learn, many people shared their knowledge about creepy, weird, and disturbing things. If you are interested in reading some of their answers, scroll below to read them. And if you feel that they are too dark, skip to our post about comforting facts here.

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Image source: TheBassMeister, Internet Archive Book Images

“A Teratoma is a kind of tumor that can grow hair, teeth, or even eyes.”


Image source: Teacup_Cult, Kevin Gill

“There’s a bird that feeds its younger offspring to the eldest.

[FYI, roadrunner].”


Image source: coolboiiiiiii2809, Nikita

“Crows are currently in their own Stone Age. They’ve been seen making very articulate tools.”


Image source: _weirdness, Rennett Stowe

“Butterflies, if necessary, will happily drink blood.”


Image source: Red_Beard47, Movieclips Classic Trailers

“In the books, Stuart Little was never explicitly called a mouse. He’s pretty much described as a deformed mouse-esque person born form human parents.”


Image source: Destronoma, fortherock

“Guests love to dump the ashes of their loved ones on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. In theory, this seems fine and like an okay place to do that, but when the ashes get dumped custodial cast members come in and vacuum up the ashes.

If you are ever tasked with spreading ashes somewhere, do it anywhere but Disneyland. Because their ashes will not be in the park for long.”


Image source: gummby8, Eli Duke

“Antarctica smells like penguin poop.

Antarctica is a desert, it is too cold for bacteria to live. Nothing there to clean up penguin droppings. If you are close enough to see penguins, you will also smell them.”


Image source: WorldFinnaMad, Keith Cooper

“‘Money can’t buy happiness.’

A phrase taught that you don’t need money to be happy, conveniently though those on $50k + salaries tend to live longer than those on the bread line.”


Image source: woodyslw, Jeff Hitchcock

“Deaf schizophrenics don’t hear voices, they see hands or lips as mental images that tell them what to do.”


Image source: smallemochick, osseous

“Speaking from personal experience here, but your body can randomly decide to become allergic to damn near everything edible at any time. Not very fun.”


Image source: vickycthomas, Quinn Dombrowski

“Alzheimer’s disease can cause you to pass away since your brain will no longer be able to chew, swallow, breathe, etc.”


Image source: Beautiful-Card7976, Jerry Lai

“When you’re four months pregnant, the baby starts to pee inside you.”


Image source: tiffanyjcruse, Klaus

“In some regions of Australia, 90 percent of koalas have chlamydia, which poses a threat to the species’ extinction unless a vaccine is created or widespread koala culling takes place.”


Image source: Ayothatsusboi, midorisyu

“Vending machines [are more lethal] than sharks [are].”


Image source: Majoishere, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

“A gamma ray burst could [unalive] everyone on Earth within a few seconds and because it’s just a beam of light coming from space, nobody would find out until we would be cooked.”


Image source: Alexastria, timlewisnm

“Clowns make $30/h on average. Who is the real clown?

In spite of the comments disbelieving that clowns can get work on weekdays I may just get one for my Monday D&D group now.”


Image source: randomname1561, Nenad Stojkovic

“The oldest person alive was born with an entirely different set of humans on the planet.”


Image source: Aydengeist06, William Creswell

“Your brain blocks you from feeling your organs moving around inside you.”


Image source: Jacoobic, Fábio Goveia

“Thanks to pregnant women, the average skeleton count per person is higher than one.”


Image source: MissNightTerrors, ajay_suresh

“That Washington Sqaure Park in New York is essentially a graveyard, with an estimated 20,000 bodies buried below the surface; many were yellow fever victims, wrapped in yellow sheets and buried by the poorest residents. When the foundation for the famous arch was dug, a number of these were exposed.”

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