AI-Based App That Removes Make-Up Tested On Celebs, And These Are The Results

Published 7 years ago

You can try to hide your little imperfections with a concealer and some foundation, but sometimes even your best efforts can’t save you. Especially when you’re against an AI program.

MakeApp is an app you can get on itunes that will cleverly remove the make up off the photo or video of your choosing – no cleansing water or tonic needed. This feature lets us take a glimpse at how the glamorous celebrities look like without any make up (we’ll give you a hint – still beautiful!).

However, if so it happened, that you forgot to put on your face today and your selfie needs to look extra cute, you can use the same app to add make up to your already adorable face.

Check out the pictures and gifs below to see these features tested on the famous women we love.

More info: (h/t boredpanda)

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The app lets you remove makeup from a video

The app also lets you add makeup to video

Here are more examples of makeup removal


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