Mango: The fruit of passion and delight

Published 8 years ago

Summer is in its full bloom now. Part from the sultry and hot rays of the sun, the good thing about summers has to be mangoes. Yes, whenever this fruit is named, it brings water to everyone’s mouth. The juicy and sweet fruit called mango is loved by all. In summers, everyone keeps mangoes in their fruit baskets. Not only they are very tasty to eat, but also they have a lot of positive effects in a human body. This tropical delicacy is mainly available in summers and has a mesmerizing color and smell. To know what are the benefits of having mangoes scroll down.

The king of all fruits

• Mangoes have a high level of vitamin C, which helps to reduce the serum cholesterol levels in a human body. This fruit is a rich source of potassium which means, it can also control heart rates and blood pressure levels.

• This fruit has a high level of antioxidants like gallic and ficetin acid, and this helps to protect the human body against some dangerous diseases like breast, prostate and colon cancers.

• Mango is such a fruit which keeps unclogging the pores in a skin and adds freshness to it. This also helps in preventing acne. One can keep thin slices of mango on their face and then wash it away after keeping it for 15 minutes. As a result, they can get glowing skin.

• Mango is rich in malic acid and tartaric acid, and it helps to maintain the alkali reserve in a human body.

• Not only the fruit but mango leaves are also very beneficial to human health. The leaves can regulate diabetes in human body. If one has high sugar levels, they just need to boil five to six mango leaves in a vessel. Then they have to soak it for the entire night and then drink the filtered liquid next morning in empty stomach. By this, a diabetic patient can keep the insulin level normal in their body.

• Ripe mango fruits have a lot of nutrients which keep the digestion system normal and also help to burn body calories reducing the weight.

• Ever wondered why mango is popularly known as the love fruit? Well, the answer is that, this fruit is rich in vitamin E content and it regulates sex hormones boosting up sex drives.

• This fruit also work as a cooling element in a human body. When someone gets tired of summer heat waves and sun rays, this fruit acts as a cooling effect helping to prevent sun strokes.

• Mango is also very rich in iron. This is a very good natural remedy for those who are suffering from low blood counts or anemia. This fruit is also beneficial for pregnant women and middle aged women who are suffering from menopause.

If someone wants to gift fruit hampers during summers, then there should be mangoes in it. This is a fruit loved by all.

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