40 Hilarious “Meanwhile In” Memes From Countries All Around The World

Published 5 years ago

No matter where you’re from, your country is probably stereotyped in one way or another. Now, most times these stereotypes are silly our straight-up insulting, but on rare occasions, they can actually be pretty funny – as long as you don’t take them too seriously.

People on the internet are coming up with creative “Meanwhile in…” memes that summarize various countries from all over the world in a hilarious way. Maybe you’ll find your own country among them? Check out the most hilarious “Meanwhile in…” memes in the gallery below!

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#1 Meanwhile In Canada

Image source: fngrtps

#2 Meanwhile In Australia

Image source: Shady_Slim

#3 Meanwhile In India

Image source: hooliganking

#4 Meanwhile In London

Image source: Hello_Wisconsin

#5 Meanwhile In Japan

Image source: BuffyASummers0717

#6 Meanwhile In Montreal

Image source: DannyB1aze

#7 Meanwhile In Japan

Image source: NojayGames

#8 Meanwhile In Singapore

Image source: BalliBumbulius

#9 Meanwhile In Texas

Image source: wrigleyirish

Just moved to Texas. Fitting in perfectly

#10 Meanwhile In The United Kingdom

#11 Meanwhile In Sweden

Image source: cyan1618

#12 Meanwhile In Japan

Image source: chitaroni

#13 Meanwhile In Iceland

Image source: burningmidnight

#14 Meanwhile In Australia

Image source: clitmitten

#15 Meanwhile In Japan

Image source: arbili

#16 Meanwhile In Bosnia

Image source: TomBradyGOAT

#17 Meanwhile In Russia. Seems Legit

Image source: Shoooric

#18 Meanwhile In Canada

Image source: Hell_hath_no

#19 Meanwhile In Canada

Image source: ShittyHaircut

#20 Meanwhile In France

Image source: SmileyFace-_-

#21 Meanwhile In Texas

Image source: AlexDFN

#22 Meanwhile In Springfield, Ohio

Image source: spunknugget

#23 Meanwhile In Alaska

Image source: mntoak

#24 Meanwhile In Florida

#25 Meanwhile In Canada

Image source: TheLastShade

#26 Meanwhile In Japan

Image source: deadiphone

#27 Meanwhile In Minnesota

Image source: theHamburglersNugget

#28 Meanwhile In Finland, We Really Do Love Our Personal Space

Image source: Famsys

#29 Meanwhile In Korea

Image source: alekmude

#30 Meanwhile In Texas

Image source: mattthebarbarian

#31 Meanwhile In Canada

Image source: Zeref-117

#32 Meanwhile In USA, While Dogs Nationwide Are Hiding Under Beds

Image source: Big0Lkitties

#33 Meanwhile In China (50 Lane Highway Merges Into 4)

Image source: j4ckmull

#34 Meanwhile Park Benches In Finland

Image source: killermasa666

#35 Meanwhile In Japan

Image source: aleenamaleena

#36 Meanwhile In Sweden

Image source: IHaeTypos

#37 Meanwhile In Florida

Image source: DwightKSchnute

#38 Meanwhile In Poland

Image source: szyy

#39 Meanwhile Kearney, Nebraska

Image source: pluggemr

#40 Meanwhile In Australia, High Is The Second Lowest Fire Danger Rating

Image source: Brinq

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