25 Dark Jokes That Might Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing At Them

Published 8 months ago

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of humor on the internet, one niche that stands out is dark humor. It’s a form of comedy that often explores taboo subjects, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. For those who revel in the absurdity of life’s darker moments, the Instagram page “darkhumordeli” has become a haven for a unique blend of wit and satire.

As we delve into the depths of dark humor, we present some memes that might just tickle your funny bone – or perhaps leave you questioning your own sense of humor.

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Image source: darkhumordeli

LooseSeal’s $10 Banana : “Better than the D.”

ConstantlyJon : “He’s definitely looking for an opportunity to push that up to an A”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Korean Boi : “Bro is seeing all of the smells and tasting every single one of the colors”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Cjay : “I don’t know why this made me laugh”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Dr. Amazing : “He weaves myths.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

robin miller : “Just gotta wait till The Donald’s back in Town . . .”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Chihuahua Mama : “As an adult, I feel like squidward isn’t mean enough, given the BS he has to deal with”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Clown fish : “Wait till he does it and don’t show back up”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Java Addict : “Now I’ll just be sticking my thumb up its bum hole..”


Image source: darkhumordeli

shanila.pheonix_ : “heard those things were made of cornstarch…”


Image source: darkhumordeli

hungryghost : “I laughed so hard at this”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Phoenix : “Okay, who’s been watching me??”

Cooking Panda : “I did this in grocery store. Realized that i don’t have enough money for all the stuff, i pretend to receive a text telling me that apparently WE didn’t need some of the stuff. Okay, i’ll put them back! 🤣”

XanthippeⓐWulf🇨🇦️️🇬🇧 : “Just turn around and walk the other way. 🤷‍♀️ Most of the time no one is even looking at you; if they are, they don’t care; if they care, it’s a them problem. Sorry, I don’t understand being so worried about some rando that people are walking out of their way. To err is human, why are you embarrassed that other humans will “discover” you’re human? I genuinely don’t understand this.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Nosirrow : “My parents never met their grandchildren. So they did that with a dog. Ostentatious affection, loud proclamations of love. Father even said he only wants to live as long as dog. Will the dog take care of him when he’s ill? I certainly won’t.”

Steve Hall : “You know why grandparents get along with their grandchildren so well…they both have a common enemy.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “Yep,that’s me. Didn’t exactly flunk secondary school, though I just didn’t go back for” my exams.

VNES101 : “LMAO! This is FUNNY! he may be an ER physician tho. Who knows.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Book Nerd (she/her) : “How many Lowes would Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe’s.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Hello_my_name_is_Genevieve : “Gee, thank you so much!”


Image source: darkhumordeli

ladybug (She/her) : “i vant to suck your blood”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Whitefox : “Annnd unknowingly, she is the one person on the planet with the missing puzzle piece to solve my murder.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Dr. Amazing : “You see, if you remove their skeleton costumes you’ll reveal who they were… The Rock, Chris Rock, and Kid Rock.”


Image source: darkhumordeli

martymcmatrix : “My mum is the queen mother of »accidental screenshottery«…”


Image source: darkhumordeli

Chihuahua Mama : “Makes sense, many philosophy majors end up working in fast food”


Image source: darkhumordeli



Image source: darkhumordeli

EzDawg : “where’s my lamb sauce”


Image source: darkhumordeli


Image source: darkhumordeli


Image source: darkhumordeli

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