30 Mental Health Memes From This Insta Page To Heal Hearts And Minds With Humor

Published 7 months ago

In the ever-scrolling world of Instagram, where selfies, food pics, and travel snapshots dominate, it’s refreshing to come across an Instagram account that combines humor and mental health awareness in a way that resonates with its audience.

The Instagram account ‘How Mental’  has been making waves for its witty, relatable content that takes a lighthearted approach to tackling the heavy topic of mental health. Check out some of their hilarious memes in the gallery below.

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Image source: howmental

Flora Wolfe : “… answering an email, answering the phone, answering the door, answering a text, waiting on delivery, waiting on a package…. drugs. I mean prescription medication. Ironically though, you have to get over this fight or flight response several times just to get to a doctor to get the drugs lol”

Upstaged75 : “For me it’s making a phone call or having to do a return on something I bought online. :)”


Image source: howmental

JoMeBee : “So true”

Erick L. : “Well, it depend on your degree of sorryness and what you’ve done; or not.”

Emma S : “💯 An apology or gifts mean nothing if the person just continues to do the same thing over and over.”


Image source: howmental

Shelli Aderman : “I feel seen! (I always apologize and step to the side…)”

Pixie : “In Germany the cashier puts the pressure on me by shoving the next person’s items onto my own while I’m still playing hard mode fast tetris with the last of my stuff and my backpack.”


Image source: howmental

Lil Miss Hobbit : “Treat yourself to chocolate now”


Image source: howmental

Jared Robinson : “Sure did.”


Image source: howmental

VonBlade : “Oh you have agoraphobia? Have you tried jogging?”

A Wild Bean (they/them/any) : “Seriously, such a rip-off. Anyone know how to get a refund?”


Image source: howmental

OsoPanda (she/her/they/them) : “Oh my god!! Seriously though, I avoided the bullimia subject for her (my therapist) not to tell my parents, recently I told her everything and that I lost 9,5kg in three weeks and in less than half an hour she told my parents and started contacting specialists. I’m still pissed that she told them.”


Image source: howmental

Panda Mona : “That one made me laugh so much, because it is so sad and so true”


Image source: howmental

BrownTabby : “Oh, never ever ever do that. It’s not worth it.”

d-recovery : “we can’t fix the past so why mention it? set boundaries for today to keep yourself safe and keep those boundaries. don’t have to make accusation or drag up the past to stay safe today”


Image source: howmental

Tempest : “Was having an argument in public with an ex and I was bawling my eyes out. Didn’t have any tissues so was wiping my tears on my sweater. A random stranger sitting nearby randomly offered me some tissues and I immediately started crying even harder at how kind this random stranger was to me (while my ex was just screaming at me the whole time, not helping at all). It’s forever going to be some random act of kindness I’ll remember.”

RajunCajun : “my ex was having a bad day and I got a box from the back room to give to her, she asked what it was and I told her it’s my emergency chocolate I keep around for when you need it. Then she started crying.”


Image source: howmental

Rainstorm : “ink blots are real? I thought that was only a thing in movies”

David Paterson : “That’s a brilliant idea. I totally approve.”


Image source: howmental

Esist Nosrep : “Dude looks a bit like if Elon musk got average persons income this month”

Flora Porter : “Poor them. It has to feel really bad before most adults will do that.”


Image source: howmental

Dennis Stanley : “I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.”

Brainmas : “Yes, I was raised to believe my needs were selfish and everyone else comes first, and have spent years unlearning being a total doormat!”


Image source: howmental

Jaya : “I’ve never felt more seen.”

Niki A : “This, ironically, gave me anxiety… mostly because it’s true.”


Image source: howmental

UncleJohn3000 : “Those are all crucial job skills later in life.”

Glenn Amaretto : “This. My parents taught me how to be a good liar and be defesive all the time. Got to a point where i would lie just bec i could or it’s more convenient to do so. Took years to unlearn this.”


Image source: howmental

Upstaged75 : “Or you could just be like me and fall asleep the couch every night, then wake up at 4am and stumble to your bed like a zombie.”


Image source: howmental

Pixie : “😭”

Norah Reilly : “So, who stole mine?”


Image source: howmental

I’M A SHOUTY MAN (they/she/he) : “Oh this is so true. Like yeah, they love me – I get good grades, I’m pretty good at my hobbies, that’s good. Oh, no, they definitely hate me – I’m recovering from sh and attempts, I have a pretty bad ed, my mental health is absolutely terrible, I have no friends and wow adhd on top of that, how great!”

Red PANda (she/they) : “As a writer I tend to give my characters more angstier backstories when I like them…so idk if that means anything or not”

Foxglove🇮🇪 : “im tired of being irrelevant in my own life”


Image source: howmental

Missy VanWinkle : “Wow. This seems so important. Just wow.”


Image source: howmental

VonBlade : “Because I can share my coping mechanisms. Make something useful out of my existence.”


Image source: howmental

Christy Prater : “Wow… I didn’t realize how much I needed to read that until I did.”

Lil Miss Hobbit : “I love this. Hugs to the people who have soft hearts because they’ve been broken. 🤗”


Image source: howmental

jennymac312 : “My brain is out to get me”

Laura Maynor : “Mine doesn’t want the serotonin and it loses the dopamine.”


Image source: howmental

VonBlade : “Okay who replaced my screen with a mirror?”

VNES101 : “Absolutely correct! I never feel like I deserve the compliment, I brush it off, but heaven forbid no one notices my new dress. LOL”


Image source: howmental

OsoPanda (she/her/they/them) : “I’ve literally had two good days this month, two days in which I was not brought down by the bullimia, the depression or the anxiety, by the end of the day I was still exhausted, but those have been one of the best days of my life”


Image source: howmental

Lil Miss Hobbit : “Depression often only shows when you are alone.”

UnimportantDog/Imp (she/they) : “This. Whenever I see people getting help, I’m always internally like, “how can you guys be so open about your problems? I have mental breakdowns nearly every day but I don’t tell people. How do you work up the courage to ask and get help?””


Image source: howmental

VonBlade : “Damn I got distracted and missed the line. Okay let’s rewind. Argh I did it again. Just stop and listen this time.” Rewind.


Image source: howmental

VonBlade : “Less than nothing. You deserve punishment.”

Michael None : “It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Image source: howmental

A dude who likes to drum : “Same and I’m looking at this through a screen :P”

Michael Largey : “That was me on every first date. And most subsequent ones.”


Image source: howmental

JoMeBee : “And of all else fails then there’s the magical replay button in my brain that will find every past instance of hurt feelings…”


Image source: howmental

Binky Melnik : “Um, if your mental health is affecting your physical health, I’d don’t think you need to pretend as if you’re sick; you ARE sick. Do as this post suggests and heal yourself up as best you can!”

Angi : “So true the world could be on fire and my husband would just keep calmly snacking and watch it burn.”

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