20 Men Share The ‘Guy Secrets’ That They Suspect Women Don’t Know About

Published 1 year ago

Much like the onion, there are many layers to people too. This is likely the reason, for the popular adage, ‘never judge a book by its cover’. This is especially true when it comes to men. 

There are some notions that are popular about men like nose-picking habits or generally poorer lack of hygiene. However, these things are obviously not exclusive to guys, no matter common public opinion. One online discussion sought to debunk such assumptions and many men stepped up to clarify the actual reality. Scroll below to read what the gentlemen had to say on behalf of themselves. 

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#1 We really have no control over what we do in your dreams.

Image source: dirtymoney, Andrea Piacquadio

#2 Please for the love of god let us know if you’re into us. Don’t wait for us to tell you first because we won’t because we don’t want to be called creeps.

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Image source: kpalan, Alvan Nee

The day before a very close girl (friend) of mine gave me a flower.

I can barely explain how amazing that made me feel. I almost cried.

Needless to say that memeory has a golden spot in my brain.

just remember girls that we are humans as well, and EVERY, i mean it EVERY man seeks this feeling.


Image source: Outrageous-Broccoli8, Yura Timoshenko

When you explain or rant my brain is telling me how to fix it….

And yes I’m listening but this is how you fix that problem.

Edit: well, I’ve dunnit, alot of men are helping me with my problem too, and women aren’t too happy about how I didn’t really listen.

#5 Well, every Tuesday night we have a secret meeting where we decide how to best maintain the patriarchy, other than that, not much.

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Not a dude, but I have a husband. I feel like the best thing he needs when he comes home is a big a*s hug. Doesn’t matter if it was a rough day or long day or neither. He needs a hug. I like cooking dinner for my husband so something warm or comforting is waiting for him too. Even if it’s left overs. He loves his back scratched, so I’ll do that for him or scratch his head. We will sit in silence sometimes while he scrolls on his phone to decompress, than we chat and we put on the TV or go for a walk. I feel like it’s the simple things that matter a lot to him. I was very intent on knowing who my husband was and what he wanted when we were dating. I try to encompass those things naturally. I will tell him I love him randomly. I tell him he looks good when he goes to work and when he is just lounging. It melts his heart and I can tell.

Its a lot of fun living with a man and seeing the natural differences that are their norms. Breaks my heart when I see perfectly good men treated like garbage. I mean if he is trash, it’s different but most people are just trying their best and I think the small things I do for my husband mean a lot to him.


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We’re kinda like dogs. Things in front of me get attention, if I don’t burn enough energy I get zoomies, my behavior piques when I am offered food, use brief and explicit instructions or I will look at you funny trying to figure what you really want, and I love naps on the couch

#8 If you let me lie in your lap and you run your fingers through my hair and stroke my face, I’ll say “yes” to whatever you propose

Image source: oronder, Becca Tapert

#9 When you ask us a question, often times we’ll quickly respond with “huh?”. It’s not that we didn’t hear you, cause we did. We’re just buffering to give you an adequate answer.

Image source: javawong, The Jopwell Collection

#10 That big sigh my wife just asked about while we’re watching the 10 o’clock news? Nothing profound, nothing bugging me, I just remembered to breathe.

Image source: Gudakesa, Andrea Piacquadio

#11 Sometimes, that male confidence that you find attractive is us totally faking it while shaking on the inside, insecure AF.

Image source: Ok_Technology390, Andrew Wise

#12 LEGO Isn’t just for kids

Image source: nonyabidnuss, Xavi Cabrera

#13 If it looks like im ignoring you im probably just so deep in thought that i forgot i actually exist

Image source: Emiliootjee, Nathan Cowley

#14 No. I’m not going to the gym to hit on “b*****s” or get into shape to be attractive to other women. I’m just tired of almost passing out every time I bend over to tie my shoes.

Image source: ku_chi_mun_chin, William Choquette

#15 We NEVER know when you like us. I’m 48. Looking back. I f****d up so much

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Image source: DM_Me_Your_Sexy_Side, Phil S

Some of these come up pretty frequently, but it’s still helpful for women to be aware of them I guess. Here’s a non-exhaustive list (on mobile so sorry if i screw up the formatting) :

When I say I’m thinking about “nothing”, I’m serious. My brain was off, it’s just static up there or random scenes from movies.

Most of us are acutely aware of how scared women are of men, and we all do our best to minimize that fear for you. My run yesterday around the loop in my park? Gotta be going the opposite direction as the women who were rollerblading so they can see me coming the whole way, don’t make eye contact so I don’t come off as creepy, etc.

I actually like interacting with kids. They’re insane and goofy, say crazy things, and are fun to interact with. No, I’m not a p**o, I’m just treating them like the tiny humans they are and they deserve attention.

Fruity drinks taste awesome and I want to order them. Those little umbrellas and cool straws are the s**t.

Yes, we are all mentally 16 and will giggle about any number of stupid things.

Compliments live rent free in our heads forever. My favorite shirt is my favorite because a cute girl told me she loved the color and it looks good on me…4 years ago.

Saying “she’s cute” does NOT mean I am actively trying to get with her, it’s just an observation.

We like specifics. “The trash is full” is an observation, and we will agree with you. Our brain did not hear “please take out the trash” like you intended us to.

My last point can be changed with thorough training and a lot of patience and clarifying expectations.

Dear God, just tell us where you want to eat or what you want as a Christmas present. Most of us suck at those guessing games, even if we really try, and we just want to get you what is actually going to make you happy.

#17 Dudes can be friends for years and not know each others real name

Image source: theonetrueemanu, Helena Lopes

#18 We like compliments. If you compliment a guy he might remember it for years. … and then he might think you’re into him because we never receive compliments but that is an entirely new issue

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Image source: OkraFit3987, Donovan Grabowski

I like being childish and if I trust you enough I will be childish around you.
I always forget things but I really try to remember them.
We have days where we want to be left alone with peace and quiet

#20 You’ll find communicating with guys is a lot easier if you just are direct and open about what you want.

Image source: GandalfTheJaded, Helena Lopes

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