20 Men Open Up About The Last Time Something Made Them Cry And Why

Published 11 months ago

Crying is scientifically proven as a healthy way to process one’s emotions and can benefit a person both physically and mentally. Yet for some reason, it still has some deep negative connotations. However, for those who embrace this natural method that the body has for dealing with something painful and difficult to bear, they may find that they feel better after a good cry. 

Despite its deep chemical benefits, many people still resist crying. Especially men. This could be due to societal influences or expectations but remember suppressing your feelings is a disservice you commit to yourself as it makes it harder to cope with life. In an attempt to create awareness and acceptance of this natural phenomenon, one Redditor initiated an important conversation on the subject when they asked men to talk about the last time they cried and why. Scroll below to see some of the answers received and remember, if life gets you down give yourself permission to enjoy a good cry and then get back in that saddle and keep going. 

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Image source: lifejustice, Gianfranco Grenar

Last September.

There was a recent shooting here. While it was happening, my kids were getting texts on who it was and all of their internet postings.

His intentions were to shoot up their high school on the first day of class. He got impatient, and instead shot up our local grocery store a week before.

My daughter asked me if she could skip the first day of school. It was that moment that I realized our society had completely failed our children. We talked about it and she mentioned that everybody thinks it is pathetic that older people have completely given up on them.

That is when I realized that they are just as intelligent as we are…and they realize that all of us adults are “Pathetic”. We just let people kill them and they recognize that.


Image source: Minute_Reputation_94, SHVETS production

December last year, my wife shared with me that we are pregnant.

It’s something we have both wanted for such a long time, when she showed me the test I was so happy I just burst into tears right in front of her.


Image source: Square29B, Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn

When I had to put my cat to sleep in December. We had 18 years with her.


Image source: shmozzfinish, Angelov1

Crying in my car right now.

My wife has cancer. It scares me to death. I have to be brave at home. My car has become my place to escape to cry and release my fear and sorrow


Image source: anon, Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

Six months in the NICU will break anybody.


Image source: helenemayer, RDNE Stock project

Tonight. My best friend told me that I don’t make her happy, and that she doesn’t want me in her life anymore.

I’m in love with her.

Despite the username, I’m a man, not a lesbian.


Image source: Triscouille, Gül Işık

Today, I am freshly 18, homeless, 0 contact with my family and in deep s**t :)


Image source: Zwerik2, Jakob Owens

A couple of years ago I had a dream about my mom. I was just talking, catching up, then I remembered she passed away. I just hugged her and started crying, yelling ‘I miss you!’ She hugged me back and said ‘I miss you too.’

Then I woke up and cried for 30 minutes.


Image source: garsk05, DragonImages

At the hospital with my 2 year old daughter. She just had a seizure in the waiting room. I felt so lost and useless…

But it cut the wait time down to seconds!


Image source: Reaux_beaux_Cop, Ben White

3 weeks ago. My best friend took his own life and left behind his wife and 2 kids.


Image source: Karnezar, Yan Krukau

Two weeks ago. When it really hit me how much I let my managers abuse me. I quit a few days later and I start my new job on the 27th.


Image source: HumbleMousse7053, drazenphoto

May 2021. My wife had a cerebral stroke. I thought that I will lose her, by death or by being a vegetable/incapable of communication.

I felt like a log at the sea, purposeless, aimless. We have a daughter and I knew that I should remain strong for her, but my wife give me purpose… Without her, I’m incomplete. I’m less.

Just for God’s grace she survived with almost no side effects.


Image source: raskoe47, Ahmet Polat

Last night sent my girlfriend the basic Good night message. She replied back with “I love you”. Sat there and started crying over the fact that she is the most important person in my life and that I’m so lucky that this woman loves me.


Image source: PizzaPoopFk, LightFieldStudios

Few weeks ago. Friend died. Cried myself to sleep for a few nights.


Image source: ASexyCow0090, Raghav Kalia

January 4th. On January 1st, I got a message from my dad that the family dog had a stroke and passed away in the front yard.
During the time before I stood at his grave just before I left to head back to my home, I just didn’t cry, I was questioning why I wasn’t.
Then standing at his grave, just a rush of emotions came in and just sobbed my heart out, then got in the car with my girlfriend and had to drive home.
His name was Snitchel and he was a good 14 year old pupper.
I’m 21, so he was a part of my life for about 70% of it. Was hard to say goodbye, especially because I wasn’t able to see him on Christmas because I got Covid, and I didn’t get to see him open his Christmas gifts like he usually does, during Christmas and in general during his final days.


Image source: No-Regret-1674, Andres Lugo-Garza

5 minutes ago, my dad died of cancer recently.


Image source: HumpSlackWails, Andrik Langfield

Earlier today. Reading a story about a 6 year old kid that was gunned down by his s**t step-father.

His gap-toothed smile in the photo set me off. I cannot comprehend the capacity to harm children like that.


Image source: zxGoose, Eli Solitas

December 9th, my twin brother (26) passed away.


Image source: spootex, Mental Health America (MHA)

I don’t remember. I feel so sad and lonely sometimes but I still can’t cry. I wish I could cry like a kid again.


Image source: llcucf80, Min An

I’ve been posting this a lot lately: several weeks ago my former best friend and neighbor either broke into my house or had someone else do it for him and stole money from me. When I confronted him about this he physically assaulted me. The punches and the throwing me into the hedges cracking my ribs didn’t make me cry, I took it, but later on when I realized he was in only using me and our friendship was completely a sham and was permanently severed is when I broke down.

I still haven’t gotten over it. My ribs are finally healed and the bruises are gone (I do have a nasty scar on my eyebrow though that might never go away), but even today I still feel sad over losing what I thought was a good friend.

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