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Mesmerizing Agate Gemstones Look Like Landscape Photos

Published 8 years ago

What at first looks like tiny landscape paintings is actually agates, semi-precious gemstones. Varying layers and a multitude of colours and shapes naturally form beautiful scenes, designed by nature, the greatest artist of all.

An agate is a crystalized form of silicate materials and it usually forms in a cavity of a rock, mostly in ancient volcanic lava. Changes in pressure, mineral content, and temperature determine the colour and patterns of these beauties.

Agates are also one of the oldest stones ever found and used to be carried around as talismans in ancient times.  Nowadays, they’re widely used for making jewellery.

(h/t: mymodernmet)

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Image Credits: Alain R. Truong


Image Credits: Captain Tenneal


Image Credits: Scott Schreiber


Image Credits: God’s Painting In Stone


Image Credits: Stones In Motion


Image Credits: belle nature



Image Credits: Kevin McGee


Image Credits: Katpix



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