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30 Creative Ways People Inked Themselves In White

Published 3 months ago

We’re pretty used to seeing tattoos done in black ink – probably because the dark colors really ‘pop’ when applied on our skin. But have you ever seen tattoos done in white ink? We can assure you the designs look pretty magical.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the most beautiful tattoos done in white ink and after seeing them, you’ll probably want to get one too. Check out the unique white tattoo designs in the gallery below!

h/t: Bored Panda

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Image source: mirkosata


Image source: brittanylynngraves


Image source: may15tattoo


Image source: playground_tat2


Image source: prettysimpletattoos


Image source: whiteinktattoo


Image source:


Image source: dasleitbild


Image source:  tattoobydodie


Image source: blizzardmama


Image source: bymosler


Image source: piccolino_tattoo


Image source: anouk.petit


Image source: oldtowntatu


Image source: kristiwallsnyc


Image source: laramaju


Image source: pati.san.martin


Image source: wes.broske


Image source: brizabuzetti


Image source: huntedbywolves


Image source: aliatheginger


Image source: diana.gescu


Image source: ann_gilberg


White ink tattoos are probably most commonly used in small ornaments or in tattoos on otherwise atypical body places.

Image source: vicky.pila


Image source: satatttvision


Image source: bymosler


Image source: tattoobychang


Image source: mirkosata


Image source: mirkosata


Image source: moruse__

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