20 Interesting, Beautiful, And Unique Old Things People Are Proud Owners Of

Published 1 year ago

The charm of vintage products is unmatchable. That’s why some people love to collect and show off stylish and unique old things.

There is even a subreddit that describes itself as “a community for enthusiasts of mid-century modern design. From Charles and Ray Eames to Paul McCobb and Adrian Pearsall.” From furniture to interiors, people have posted all sorts of amazing things they possess in this community. Check out the most fascinating ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Green Desk

Image source: sagdaelkwary

#2 60 Years Of Nicotine Buildup Goes Bye-Bye! Fully Restored Dixie Petite China Cabinet. Thing Thing Was So Gross, Tarred, And Rough To The Touch I Didn’t Even See It Has That Great Vertical Cherry Veneer On The Top Drawer!

Image source: midcenturymistress

#3 My Luck Has Truly Been Bananas. Broyhill Brasilia Set. Couple Bought A House, Previous Owner Left It, It “Wasn’t Their Style”, They Wanted It Out. $100 For The Set

Image source: thethriftgods

#4 Before And After Lane Acclaim First Edition Cocktail Table, From 1959! This Poor Thing Survived 6 Decades Of Abuse Before It Found Its Way To Me. That’s Twice As Long As I’ve Been Alive. Crazy!!

Image source: midcenturymistress

#5 Picked Up The Keys Today For This Beauty, I Can’t Believe This Is Our House!

Image source: Oddlyoddish

#6 Fully Restored Teak Chest! I Don’t Know Who Glopped 2 Thick Layers Of Paint On This Beauty, But It Wasn’t “Mint” To Be!

Image source: midcenturymistress

#7 Just Picked Up This Drexel Playpen Sofa, $249

Image source: Corduroy_Troy

#8 My Vintage Cycling Outfit And The Vintage Bicycle (1958) That I Restored Myself

Image source: vintagethrowaway19

#9 My Wife Found This Coffee Pot At The Thrift Store. Yes, That’s A Candle Heating It

Image source: spikeeee

#10 I’ve Spent Years Collecting Pieces And Moving Them Around From Rental To Rental Or Hiding Them In Storage. They’re All Finally Together In My First House

Image source: paperplants23

#11 I Drove Five Hours To Pick Up This Beautiful Hot Pink And Chrome 1950’s Table & Chairs

Image source: CampingWithCats

#12 Easy Like Sunday Morning

Image source: frostiblack

#13 Finally Getting Around To Showing Off My Dream Home. I Grew Up Driving This Neighborhood Saying Someday I’ll Live Here. Dream Come True

Image source: mikeymo1010101

#14 !960’s Fender Rhodes “Student Piano”

Image source: Jazz-Yo-Azz

#15 Purchased In 1962 And Packed Away In An Attic Until Now

Image source: Flan_New

#16 Vintage Radio I Bought Today. Looks Perfect With My Thrifted Horse Figure

Image source: Andongis

#17 It’s In And It Works And It’s Perfect!

Image source: dryerfresh

#18 Thoughts On The New End Table I Made?

Image source: NinjaTurtleNerd

#19 Been A While Since I Un-Painted A Piece! Fully Restored Brasilia II Petite Buffet With New Tapered Legs. What A Glow Up!

Image source: midcenturymistress

#20 I Snagged This Edwardian Dress Yesterday. It’s Just Too Stunning Not To Share

Image source: Raven0108

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