30 ‘Mildly Infuriating’ Pics Of Neighbours From Hell

Published 8 months ago

According to a British survey, 60% of people don’t get on with their neighbours and 30% of that number claim they would prefer not to socialise with anyone living nearby.

No matter how hard we try to make peace with our surroundings and live a life free of conflict, it can be a difficult task to achieve. Folks have been getting on the ‘Mildly Infuriating’ subreddit to vent and it’s good to know we are not alone in the situation. Scroll below to check out some of the worst neighbours people have had to deal with and honestly, in comparison, maybe some of our neighbours are not so bad, huh?

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#1 Someone Anonymously Sent This To My Neighbor

Image source: cnotethegoat123


Can’t blame them for being upset about the barking tho. Why can’t people train their doggoes? Sometimes they bark 24/7 and that hard to live close to even if you are a dog lover.

#2 My Neighbor Shoveling His Backyard Into Mine

Image source: allthepoutine

TonyTee (edited):

If that was me he did that to a snow ball fight would break out real quick

#3 2-3 Times A Week, I Collect Syringes From My Balcony. This Is How My Super Old Neighbor Is Trying To Get Me Evicted, As She Believes That My Roommate And I Are Gay, And She Thinks All Gay People Are Addicts

Image source: mtsiri


Somebody should shove one of those needles right up her wrinkled a*s

#4 Neighbors Boyfriend Living Above Us Accidentally Discharged A Firearm Through Our Bedroom Ceiling

Image source: _AbacusMC_

Sponge Blob

Report to police and don’t stop at their begging. They need to lose their gun and/or licence.

#5 My Neighbor Chucks Her Dog’s Poop Over The Back Fence

Image source: reddit.com

#6 My Sons Accidentally Lost Their Football Over The Neighbors Fence Yesterday. This Is How It Was Found Back In Our Yard Today

Image source: buddahsumo

#7 Went To A Friendsgiving, They Let Their Neighbor Know Ahead Of Time That They Would Be Having People Over, It Was 4:45pm On A Saturday And About 6 People Were There. He Knocked On The Door, Taped This Note To The Door And Ran Off

Image source: gravityandlove

E Henry Todd:

What kind of psychopath leaves spaces like that between words?

#8 Neighbor’s Peacocks Pooping On And On My Stuff

Image source: Dad_2_B

#9 Best Caption Wins

Image source: reddit.com


It’s also stressing their balcony out too

#10 My Neighbor, Everyone. He Parks Like This When His Wife Isn’t Home And Moves It Back When She’s Back So They Can Both Park On One Of The Few Spots With Shade. This Has Been Happening For Months

Image source: reedtheraccoon

I’ve Seen Things (edited):

I’ve heard if you park like that, one of your tires can mysteriously go flat overnight 🤔

#11 I Put Up A Fence To Keep My Thieving And Incredibly Nosy Neighbor Out. He Then Puts Up A Camera So That He Can Look In

Image source: harbinger_CHI

#12 People Are Robbing Grass At A Square That Is Being Constructed In My Neighborhood

Image source: nicbsc


Is it bad that I find this funny

#13 Because I Work All Day And Can Control Where The Wind Blows. Was Mailed To Me (Probably By My Neighbor’s Wife), Envelope Postmarked The Next Town Over

Image source: leinad1972

#14 Received In The Mail From A Concerned Neighbor

Image source: mahelke

#15 Kids Are Having Fun With Friends So A Neighbor Reported To Hoa That They Must Be Running A Childcare

Image source: JustJJ92


This is why we can’t have nice things, Susan

#16 We Were Going To Have A New Robin Family – Until Our Neighbor Poisoned His Lawn And The Parent Robins Ate From It And Died

Image source: CatDadMilhouse


I guess it’s too late now, but if a nest is abandoned, take the eggs to a bird saving organization ASAP. We did the same when the red tail nesting in our backyard got killed by a magpie and her eggs were abandoned.

#17 Til My Upstairs Neighbors Flooded Their Bathroom And Left It That Way For About A Week. Here’s How I Found Out:

Image source: UltimateChaos233

#18 Neighbor Installed Two Cameras Pointed Directly At Our Basement Windows

Image source: Educational_Bit8972


This pointing cameras at other people’s properties is getting out of hand.

#19 Amazon Delivery Picture Of My Package On My Neighbors Porch. Asked My Neighbor If They Happened To Accidentally Get My Package. “Nope Didn’t See It”

Image source: _The_Space_Monkey_

#20 So For The 15th Time Now, Our Neighbor Called Out The Fire Department When I Started My Smoker. Claiming That I’m Burning Trash. At Least The Full Truck Didn’t Come Not This Time

Image source: reddit.com

#21 This Poorly Written Letter From My Passive Aggressive Neighbor Telling Me To Remove My ‘Legally-Owned’ Plants From My Property

Image source: HedgehogSmoothie


I completely doubt that 14 other people got together with this jerkwad just to complain about fake plants

#22 My Neighbor Thinks They Own The Public Street In Front Of Their Apartment

Image source: estunum

#23 Neighbor Parked Me (Blue Kona) In Again Last Night. I Have Probably A Dozen Texts Asking Them To Move Or Ask For My Space When This Has Happened In The Past. No Response. It Feels Like I Shouldn’t Have To Maneuver My Car So Much On My Own Driveway

Image source: heymissspider


Towtruck will solve an issue, if Its on Your property.

#24 Neighbors Of My Dorm Room Put This Sign Up Yesterday

Image source: scoutodile

Andrei Iepure

some people should breathe without using up oxygen

#25 Neighbor Took Delivery Of A Package That Our Business Purchased, Used The Contents, And Now Wants Us To Pay For The Scraps. Dafuq?

Image source: BigMacDaddy99

#26 Built A 7 Foot Privacy Fence. Neighbor Raised His By 2 Feet And Put A Camera Facing Into My Backyard

Image source: Magicisntreallyreal

Nikki D

How is that legal? It’s literally ONLY watching you. Maybe, on YOUR fence, put up a scary picture or something? I have a much more malicious idea though.

#27 Someone Is Over The Package Theft In My Apt Building

Image source: Optimal_Jaguar_8773

#28 My Neighbor Shot An Arrow Into My House Today

Image source: this-is-cursed

#29 Neighbor Tried To Saw My Door Handle Off Today Because She Hadn’t Seen My Cat In The Window For 3 Days

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Next Door Neighbor Parks Both Cars In Front Of House, Blocks My Mailbox And Leaves Theirs Open

Image source: Negative_Permit


Seems like there would be a postal regulation about legal mailbox access

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