35 Times Society Decided Enough Is Enough When Dealing With A “Karen”

Published 8 months ago

Some people in the world just seem to want to make it their life’s mission to make others miserable. You may encounter such people randomly in supermarkets, restaurants, parking lots, your workplace, at the doctor’s and anywhere else you can think of literally. 

These dreaded ‘Karens’ of the world seem to operate under the false fallacy that if they do not cater to their own entitled self loudly and proudly, the world may indeed end. So they continually impose their obnoxious thoughts and actions on society but finally, some folks have had enough. People online are collectively calling out the most entitled ‘Karens’ they’ve spotted in the wild and it’s pretty funny payback, as you can see below.

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#1 Using The Only Fan In A Crowded, Warm Waiting Room To Cool Off Your Hot Box

Image source: thetakingtree2

Ember: Disgusting 🤮

#2 In Honor Of Today …

Image source: breezfan22

#3 B A R B A R A

Image source: The_Fire_King_


#4 Karen Never Heard Of Condom

Image source: informationtiger

Bernd Herbert: That person can’t be THAT stupid, right?

#5 Restaurants Fight Back Against Karen

Image source: Sandboxhero_0311

#6 So Be It

Image source: Master1718

Mycroft1967: A Karen being a Karen about “Karen”. Not Caring.

#7 I’m Doing This From Now On Lol

Image source: ifallupthestairsalot

#8 Not Sure Who Made This But I Thought It Belonged Here

Image source: Fido_And_The_Cakes

#9 A Karen With A Twist Of Jesus

Image source: Neolithique

Michael Chock: How on earth would you know the spiritual beliefs of your waiter? Does she read it in her ice cubes?

#10 To All The Karens Out There

Image source: nanotrone

Astrophile: This is honestly a perfect way to describe freedom of speech

#11 You White People Need To Stop

Image source: Dillontvh

maka paka: Everytime i see this I laugh. Most cultures love to see people try the clothes, hairstyles, foods that they have. It’s only the really weird that hate it. Also if we’re not allowed to try anything and just look or be like our ‘culture; is, isn’t that a form of segregation???

#12 Karen Places An 11usd Order And Thinks She Now Owns Us. But We Created A Clause Especially For Her

Image source: Liels87

#13 Karen Has Been Around Since At Least The 1900’s

Image source: heyjpark

Will Cable: Bring this back but with a twist, that the employee can be as abusive as the customer being abusive so they know they can’t get away with it.

#14 Some Customers Are Worth Losing

Image source: thestudlife

MadameMalfoy: maybe because it’s closed? idk just a thought…

#15 Karen Decides That Children’s Fun Isn’t Enough Of A Reason To Have A Tree House

Image source: jajalian

#16 This Restaurant Is Really Sick Of Karen’s S***!

Image source: depressed_popoto

#17 You Would Think They Would Be Nicer After Leaving Church

Image source: ifallupthestairsalot

Solidhog: I have read this a few times in different places from different people. And to be honest, some of the most horrible, intolerant and rudest people I have met have been extreme religious people.

#18 Evangelical Karen Pissed​ That Someone Use Science To Break Her Cool Story. (How Dare You Called Me Out On My Bs)

Image source: Tatarkingdom

#19 She Was ***not*** The Bride

Image source: berzio

#20 Time To Gatekeep Middlenames

Image source: sofa

MadameMalfoy:this literally makes me so mad. how entitled are you to think this way?!

#21 How Privileged Can You Get

Image source: berzio

Karma Black : My dog somehow trained HIMSELF to be my hypoglycemia alert dog with ZERO input from me. I’d love to see what the activists would’ve thought of THAT.

#22 Imagine This Being Your Mom

Image source: SnixPlaysAlot

Sue Denham: I wouldn’t worry too much, ma’am. “Andy” is so much better than what we’re calling you.

#23 Run Away, And Never Come Back

Image source: Immidandy

Michael Chock: What you need to do is go down to your local church, ask the priest for a reverse emancipation form, check the “child” box (it’s between the forced labor box and the internment box). Get the form notarized by a religious leader, political leader and the local sheriff. Make 3 copies, have each one signed by a family member then shove them up your butt.

#24 Karen Upset Because A Tornado Delayed Her Food

Image source: K1nsey6

Michael Chock: The tin man is eating your food now Karen!

#25 Karens Then, Karens Now

Image source: Pransant

#26 As A Parent It’s So Sad Some People Have Come To This

Image source: playmegadrive3

ProbablyNotBehindYou (he/him): Why did they even have a child?

#27 Mind Your Goddamn Business Karen!

Image source: TheAstronomer

Sue Denham:

“Of course you’re right. If you’ll give me your address I’ll also ensure that the used bags are sent to you as proof that I use them correctly.”

#28 Buys House Next To Pub, Complains When Pub Is Noisy

Image source: NecessaryDingo

maka paka: Had this in a pub near me. Been there for donkeys, is open till 01ish on a weekend, everyone knows this so some people have bought a flat opposite and have complained that much you’re now not ALLOWED to talk in the smoking area. Wankers

#29 What Is It About The Suburbs That Makes People This Way?

Image source: Scaulbylausis

Ember: I’d be more nervous of this nosy neighbour

#30 Satisfying

Image source: proviking6000

#31 Humans Have Feelings, Karen

Image source: lionheart724

#32 How Dare You Curse In A Video I Allowed My Child Access To!

Image source: mypoorliver

#33 Customer Karen

Image source: Adelu1219

Tobias Reaper: did everybody clap as well

#34 Karen Want To Get Rid Of Her Fiancé’s 5 Years Old Kid

Image source: Tatarkingdom

#35 Complaining About A Place That Makes Donuts Smells Like Donuts. Has To Be The Work Of A Karen

Image source: Synthee

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