25 Things Millennials Used To Tolerate But Now Find Unbearable

Published 7 months ago

If there’s one thing that reduces with age it’s tolerance. When we came onto this earth, we had such high ideals influenced by the likes of MJ thinking, we’re going to save the planet etc. 

However, with time, our values and our principles have changed significantly. One Reddit thread asked folks born between 1980 and 2000 to mention what they discovered they liked less as they grew older. Netizens did not disappoint, revealing a host of interesting answers from which we’ve shared the most relatable in the gallery below. 

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#1 Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I used to check them and post often, now I rarely get on my profiles.

Image source: daisy_chain_gang, dole777

#2 Getting drunk. Having my Saturday or Sunday gone is a miserable existence.

Image source: hisglasses66, Pixabay

#3 People. I hate other people. We’re so selfish and annoying.

Image source: Japh2007, Kaique Rocha

#4 Bending down to pick stuff up.

Image source: Perezident14

#5 Music with lyrics. I’ve grown intensely fond of orchestral music, and the bands I was so fond of as a teenager have just become trite and boring now

Image source: IT_CertDoctor, cottonbro studio

#6 Noise

Image source: LordyItsMuellerTime, Andrea Piacquadio

#7 The news. I’m getting older and I have a daughter now, I just can’t handle all the doom and gloom. It hurts my heart.

Image source: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmfarts

#8 glorifying “the grind.”

Image source: miss_scarlet_letter, energepic.com

#9 My body and my choices in life

Image source: donabbi, Towfiqu barbhuiya


Image source: likeguitarsolo, Nadin Sh

Artificially flavored and colored foods and drinks. I’ve been bartending for my entire adult life, and I used to make a lot of fresh fruit syrups and tinctures. But after a while it got frustrating because all my customers seemed to *prefer* the fake pucker flavors over my fresh ones. Never made any sense to me. It’s gotten really weird to see people in my bar taste-testing different hard seltzers we get in. I always joke when people ask for recommendations on them that “this one’s artificially flavored strawberry, and this one’s artificially flavored watermelon, and this one’s artificially flavored cucumber”. But nobody else ever seems to care that it’s all fake c**p.

#11 Staying out late. I’m good with the occasional night out, but more often than not these days I’m happy to be in my pajamas and on the couch by 7:30.

Image source: PNWHikingGuy, Maurício Mascaro

#12 Society and it’s lack of compassion and empathy for others…and the fact that everything has to be made into a joke of some fashion, as if things can’t be taken seriously. Yeah, I don’t like that.

Image source: Dapper-End183, Said

#13 Facebook, it’s gotten old. Even the memes aren’t really funny anymore. It’s the same boring, repeated self centered jokes about mental health issues, dumb reels, people vying for attention, it’s just annoying at this point lol

Image source: thequeasydream, Tobias Dziuba

I used to love mental health memes but they’ve just gotten stale I guess? It’s almost like so many people just make mental illness their personality and try too hard to be edgy, and it gets old

#14 Driving for sure.

Image source: Nstewster_the_legend, UHGO

#15 Waiting in long lines. I used to be one of those foodies who would wait in line for hours to try pop ups and try stuff like ice cream with gold foil lmao. Now I’m over trying new wacky food trends unless it actually sounds good. But still not willing to wait in a long line for it.

Image source: ngofilter, Cindy Shebley

#16 climbing the corporate ladder. I’m tired man. Just give me my paycheck and let me live my life. Crazy high aspirations are GONE. Im only 29. Lmao already burnt out

Image source: MirrorZealousideal66, Sora Shimazaki

#17 Kids. Now I know why the stereotype about old people telling kids to stay off their lawn exists.

Image source: manimopo, Naomi Shi

#18 Dating

Image source: k-dick, Josh Willink

#19 Haha as a guy who used to be really into cars, I really hate loud cars now…

Image source: just_ric, Garvin St. Villier

#20 Just got a new phone and I really didn’t like the change. It’s weird, but I guess I’m old and get annoyed with some things changing needlessly (in my opinion). A couple years back, Google changed all their app icons significantly and I was crabby about that for a while, too.

Image source: HanktheDogMarktheMan, ready made

#21 Caring about what most people think of me. I’m a geeky oddball and at this point I really don’t care if people have a problem with that or the way I dress. I spent so much time trying to conform and it’s exhausting.

Image source: InstantMedication, Pixabay

#22 Clothes that look good but are kinda uncomfortable

Image source: WhippieCake, Polina Tankilevitch

#23 Work. I’m getting older and more crotchety and it’s getting harder and harder to put on my work face and pretend to get excited about quarterly earnings and whatnot.

Image source: toodleoo77, Anna Shvets

#24 Doing stuff just to feel included. Used to go to events and stuff just because I didn’t want to be left out and be on my own. Now I’m totally ok with saying no, I don’t want to go that doesn’t sound fun. Also, people who blame all their c**p opinions and feelings on “it’s just a joke”. And this is coming from someone who loves dark humor.

Image source: HM2008, Afta Putta Gunawan

#25 Drinking and eating fast food

Image source: billyoldbob, Polina Tankilevitch

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