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20+ Times Designers Proved That Less Is More

Published 10 months ago

#11 Triangle Notebook

Image source: Tan Mavitan

#12 My Minimal Watch. It Only Shows What You Need To Know

Image source: santorin

#13 Fold-Out Minimalist BBQ For Space Saving

Image source:

#14 You Are Gonna Love This Minimal Set Of Chess

Image source: niquetapute

#15 The New Norwegian Passport Design

#16 This Lamp Makes Antlers When Switched On

Image source: Popup Lighting

#17 These Minimalist Playing Cards

Image source:

#18 Wife Bought This Simplistic Moon Light. Felt Very Powerful Holding It

Image source: johnderek182

#19 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Image source:

#20 This Minimalist Gravestone

Image source: bulbulkaya16

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