This Man Has Been Snapping Mirror Selfies With His Barber Since The 1970s

Published 5 years ago

Do you know that awkward moment when you get a haircut you don’t like but don’t have the heart to tell your barber you hate it? Then you quietly change barbers and hope you never meet your old barber for the rest of your life so you wouldn’t have to explain why you no longer come to get your hair cut. Well, this might have happened to you and me (on more than one occasion) but it looks like it never happened to British man Sam Farr from Bristol.

Despite living in a different city, the man has been getting his hair cut by the same barber – Joe Pace – at a salon called Giuseppe’s in Bath, for the past forty years. In 1973, he took his first mirror selfie with the barber and has been continuing this tradition to this day!

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“I think as a whole, we like things to be much the same. Obviously, lots of things aren’t the same as they were in the ’70s, but the only [consistent thing] is Joe,” said Sam in an interview a while back. “Everything has changed, while Joe is still there happily cutting my hair and doing a great job of it.”


Image credits: SWNS Digital

The barber, Joe, said that it has been a privilege to work with people time and time again for all these years, and added that in many cases, they’re not in a customer-client relationship – they’re friends.


Image credits: SWNS Digital

“We’ve shared dinners together, been away together, and they’ve joined me on holiday trips to my villa in Sicily. In some cases, the fourth generation is coming in of the same family, and that is really spooky,” said the barber.


Image credits: SWNS Digital

Here’s how much the two changed throughout the years

Image credits: SWNS Digital

Apart from the looks of the two, you can see many small changes in the photos, like the barbershop background, Sam’s cameras, and even the arm he wears his watch on.

Sam and Joe aren’t just client and customer – they’re friends

Image credits: SWNS Digital

Some people even started joking that Sam stopped aging since the second pic.

Image credits: SWNS Digital

It looks like the two certainly have a magnificent friendship that stood the test of time.

Even though the two live in different cities, Sam still comes over to get a trim

Image credits: SWNS Digital

Hopefully, all of us can one day find a hairdresser that can cut our hair just the way we want so we can forever end the awkward barber ghosting.

Check out a video about Sam and Joe’s friendship below!

Image credits: SWNS Digital

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