25 Edgy Feminist Memes That Use Satire To Deflect Toxic Masculinity

Published 6 months ago

Despite the progress of feminism, there are still instances where women encounter people who casually dismiss the fight for equality in their day-to-day lives. However, the ladies decided they weren’t just going to take it on the cheek but would fight back with satyrical memes in a combat of modern warfare. 

Thus the Misandrist Memes Instagram page came to be.  Aimed at educating folks through a little derisive content that criticises misandry and toxic masculinity in a way that may either garner some laughs or trigger anyone with a sexist attitude. 

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ThatCapybaravictim blaming has been normalised to a scary point


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Black CatIt’s amazing how many people’s sense of humor is just them being an arsehole to someone.


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LibstakThis, it’s all about how the girl “got herself pregnant” and everything she now has to do and can or cannot do to deal with it. If she’s a minor…someone did that to her. If they are both minors or adults, 2 people made a baby, 2 people have equal responsibility for that.


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Black CatHow about, “you can’t babysit your own children, it’s called parenting”.


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lenka:  THIS!!! So many times, when people (women) try and raise a feminist issue and the comments are “what about men’s mental health”. FFS. 1. Feminists have long said that the patriarchy is damaging to men’s physical and mental health and that toxic masculinity needs to be addressed for this very reason!! 2. If men’s mental health is your cause, then DO SOMETHING about it. Don’t just pay lip service to it or use it as some kind of defence in a blame game. Women are not responsible for men or their mental health. Men are responsible for men. Full stop.


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ThatCapybaraI’m sorry but… 🎶I’m just KEN! Anywhere else I’d be a 10!🎶🎶


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Becky SamuelI hate this statistic because it hides so much. Men are more likely to *successfully* commit suicide, probably because they choose more violent methods (leaving the disgusting cleanup to others). Women are 4 to 6 times more likely to attempt suicide, but are less likely to die. The idea that any suicide attempt is “a cry for help” is nonsense and dismissive of a very real issue. Nobody is winning here, but weaponising a bare statistic is foul.


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martymcmatrix: Elon, there’s a grimes cloud gathering above!


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Black CatThis, absolutely because most if not all women can relate.


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MistiekimI’ve read/ heard many comments like “can’t wait till she’s 18!”, like on her 18th birthday they’d be at a girl’s door ready to date her. It’s bizarre.


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Violet JensenI had this convo with my trans gf recently :,)


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Tracy Wallick (edited): Messing with arrogant, sexist men is so much fun, especially when they’re the types with bigoted logic that contradicts itself (which is often)


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Jared Robinson: If you wanted to make it true art that dial would go to 11

d-recoveryJared…. telling a woman how to express herself


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MistiekimIt was pretty bad when his own mom told me she was glad and that I could do better….


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BeeBee BuniUggg is this actually how it is right now? Uggggggggggggg


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Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/hetYeah, come on, ladies. Up your game and start pulling your weight.


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Cara GLaughed out loud at 5am. From the toilet.


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Robert BensonThe way we say things truly affects how we think about them. This applies to many situations. Even something like accepting responsibility for when you did something wrong, versus saying that something bad… happened. By hedging, and saying you think or you believe something, you can’t be truly wrong… It can be difficult to accept that being wrong is really not that big of a deal, as long as you are open to learning. … This is where some guys really suck… they can say a thing but not accept that they are wrong :(


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