20 Facts That Shouldn’t Still Need Explaining, But People Still Misunderstand

Published 2 years ago

Everybody has an opinion and we are all entitled to our opinion. But there are certain intricacies to life that not everyone seems to get or understand which could lead your conclusions to be different to others. But underneath it all, the truth still exists.

Clearly, many people go through this experience so when a reddit thread popped up with the question, “What fact are you just tired of explaining to people?” it seemed to hit a nerve for many folks. We’ve put together the most interesting responses that people shared, below.

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Stella Liebeck, the woman who won a lawsuit against McDonald’s over hot coffee, had every right to sue them. It’s been mocked so many times over the past 20 years with people ridiculing this woman and making it out like she’s some idiot who was surprised that coffee was actually hot and she was just attempting a money grab or something. In reality, the temperature of the coffee was f*****g ridiculous and there was no reason for it to be hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns on her legs when she spilled it. She had to have multiple skin graft surgeries and spent 8 days in the hospital where she lost 20 pounds. After that, she needed additional care at home and was partially disabled for the next two years. She had no choice but to sue to cover the cost of her surgeries. This happened a long time ago, but to this day, I still overhear people mocking this case or making references to it in jest.


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Historic life expectancy is heavily skewed by high infant mortality. If you got past 4 or 5 years old you had a good chance of making old age. People weren’t just dropping dead at 35!


How evolution works. Giraffes didn’t stretch their necks. All the ones with short necks repeatedly died before reproducing. Evolutionary filters require mass death and/or overpowering reproduction of a mutation.

Also, science isn’t a belief system. Its a method of repeatable testing.

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That giving people rights does not remove your rights. You don’t get a free right to suppress people who are not like you.

BuT I dOn’T wAnT gAyS tO mArRy… Then don’t marry someone of your gender. You can still freely stay married to your opposite gendered spouse. It isn’t infringing on your rights. It bugs you that you can’t force other people to do what you want.

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Hate against any race is hate; though not always systematic.

Hate against any sex is hate; though not always systematic.

If hate makes you feel good, you are part of the problem.

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That just because I am bisexual doesn’t mean I will have sex with anyone.

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“I’m just being honest” is not an acceptable excuse for being an a*****e.

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Harsh sentencing doesn’t deter crime. Study after study, decade after decade, this has been confirmed.

The most significant effect on deterring criminal activity is likelihood of being caught. Harsh punishment has a negligible effect.

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If I’m working at **night**, I need to *sleep* during some portion of the **day**



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That disagreeing with someone’s opinion isn’t an attack on them.


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I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I cannot just decide to not be anxious about stuff. I take medication because I can’t stop. Telling me to just “not worry about it” and “mind over matter” is not going to work. This is a medical issue I am actively being treated for. If I could just choose to stop I would.

Telling me “it’s all in your head” is also useless; of course it’s in my head. It’s a brain problem. Where else is it going to be.


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When out in public, I am not BABYSITTING my kids or GIVING MOM A BREAK. I am a dad and they are my kids. WTF is wrong with women over the age of 40 who say this s**t to men?


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That because i can usually figure out how to fix most things does NOT mean i want to fix everything that breaks for anyone else.


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I’m a programmer. I write programs. I don’t know why your computer won’t turn on


Maintaining a safe following distance is the easiest thing to do to avoid accidents and yet most people aren’t doing it. It’s basically impossible to react in time to avoid an accident if you’re following less than two seconds behind someone. It doesn’t get you where you’re going faster. The accident will always be your fault. And finally, two seconds is way longer than most people think, most will count one second.

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That migrants can’t all be here to BOTH steal our jobs AND claim unemployment benefits.

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Just because someone doesn’t always need their disability aids, that doesn’t mean they’re not disabled and faking it. Someone who needs a wheelchair to get around doesn’t always mean they can’t use their legs. They can still walk short distances.


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Airplanes don’t fall out of the sky when they lose an engine. A 747 can glide nearly 100 miles after losing all engines at cruise.


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Nothing’s wrong. It’s just my face.


It’s couldn’t care less, not could care less unless you mean to say you do care

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