40 ‘Mutant’ Plants That Could Feature In A Nightmare Or Monster Movie

Published 5 months ago

Fasciation, a genetic mutation found in plants, can influence the growth of their tips, affecting stems, flowers, or fruits. The outcomes can range from subtle changes, like flattened or splayed shoots, to more striking effects where multiple stems appear fused into one. Occasionally, this phenomenon produces exceptionally eye-catching results, such as unusually large and oddly shaped flowers. Interestingly, the closer to the ground fasciation occurs, the more pronounced its effects tend to be. Scroll below for a collection of pictures showcasing the interesting abnormalities it can create.

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#1 Fasciated Saguaro Specimen

Image source: grebilrancher

C L: Eerily beautiful

#2 Fairy Tale Eggplant

Image source: medicated_at_dawn

StellaLehggs: So many jokes come to mind. XD

#3 A Particularly Neat Example Of Fasciation

Image source: MajoToHyakkihei

Linda van der Pal: I’m not a flower, I’m a bee!

#4 A Weird Pineapple That Has Undergone Cresting, Also Known As Fasciation

Image source: Donttalktome4

The weird parts have undergone trauma of some sort (bacterial or viral) or are genetically predisposed to this condition, which is causing abnormal growth patterns along the apical meristem.

#5 Not Sure What’s In The Water, But It Looks Like At Least 5 Stalks Combined Into One. I Have Named It The Hive

Image source: IReallyLikeMooses

Angela B: Sparagus, sparagus will you do the fandango?

#6 Daughter Found This Branch And Uses It As Her Magic Wand

Image source: SMGUTZ01

Helena: Absolutely a magic wand

#7 A Group Of Dandelions Fused And Grew Together With One Big Stem

Image source: jcmonk

Alexia: Together we are stronger

#8 Found This Really Strange-Looking Strawberry

Image source: reddit.com

Luiza Menezess: Appleberry!

#9 Mutant Rose

Image source: theveryacme

#10 My Double And Triple Apples

Image source: Hooeylewis-Sagdiyew

Sephora Black: Siamese apples.

#11 My First Tomato, I Think I’m Doing Something Wrong

Image source: cellularized

Jack Burton: Oppenheimer tomato lover.

#12 Crested Maria

Image source: AnthocyaninFarmer

#13 My Mutant Sunflower Is Awesome

Image source: User-name-guy

Alexia (edited): I’ve never seen a rectangular sunflower before!

#14 Found This Fasciated Silver Celosia Today At The Garden Center

Image source: mark_s

#15 It Tasted Good Too

Image source: malfane

cerinamroth: My dream come true! Seriously, the first thing I ate after I gave birth to my daughter was a whole pineapple. Best reward I could think of!

#16 Fasciation

Image source: pinoy3519

Jack Burton: Beautiful twin sisters !

#17 The Mutant Digitalis Has So Many Blooms, The Top Is Spinning

Image source: sewsarah

#18 It Has Been Blooming Like This For Over 3 Years

Image source: kagimushi

#19 Amazing Crested Aeonium

Image source: succulentist

#20 Had A Visitor On My Crested Cubic Frost

Image source: AudioVideoDchon

Madre_Dr4gnZFly: Upvote for the dragonfly!!

#21 Fasciated Lemon On My Tree

Image source: tdoodles97

#22 Grumpkin – Grape That Looks Like A Pumpkin

Image source: IReallyLikeRice

#23 Debbie Crest Is Still Going Strong

Image source: AnthocyaninFarmer

#24 Pachypodium Lamerei At The University Of California, Berkeley Botanical Garden

Image source: GoatLegRedux

Fudou MFB: The forbidden mask of el cactoo

#25 These Bananas Are Joined Together. It Was Surprisingly Bland And Didn’t Taste Very Good

Image source: mxksowie

Jack Burton: That’s a nightmare for internet use as a scale

#26 Frankenkiwi

Image source: Mork978

Shiroi Tsuki: That’s a kiwidney

#27 The Corn I Harvested Today Is Looking Freshly Mutated

Image source: efrasyab

Sarcastic and Proud: So much potential popcorn!!!!!

#28 Growing Stable. My Crested Echeveria Minibelle

Image source: Personal_Custard7340

#29 An Example Of Fasciation – Rare Mutation That Can Result In Beautiful And Unique Patterning. Daisies Are Particularly Susceptible To It

Image source: SuperBlowball

30ninjazinmybag: Daisy caterpillar. I used to make them when I was little. So pretty

#30 Fascinating Verbena At Gravetye Manor

Image source: richardclaxtongardens

glowworm2: Pretty! Looks like a caterpillar.

#31 Mutant Black-Eyed Susan

Image source: Dark_Mode_Nose_Wind

KDS : “Feed me Seymour”

#32 I Thought I Might Be Experiencing Some Sort Of Episode When I First Saw This Extraordinary Thistle In Benbecula Yesterday

Image source: WiWildlife

#33 I Think My Madagascar Palm Is Trying To Flex On Me

Image source: HonestMicG32

30ninjazinmybag: He flexing on the whole neighbourhood 😆

#34 I Couldn’t Wait For This One To Completely Acclimate And Root Before I Share It, She’s Just So Perfectly Mermaid-Shaped

Image source: cyrilcybernated

Rebekah Fuentes: Gorgeous! Perfect pot for it too😉

#35 This Fabulous Example Of Fasciation In An Agave Plant Is A Real Monster Nightmare

Image source: BotanicsMan

Shiroi Tsuki: Ooh hairy tongue

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