Artist Illustrates A Viral Monster Story That Has Been Making Tumblr Users Emotional For Years

Published 4 years ago

Kitten Wiskers, also known as Mindy, is a writer who is known on Tumblr for turning short writing prompts into amazing stories. Back in 2017, one of her stories, titled “#Case: 273402 Status: Disastruous,” went viral on the platform and still remains popular even after almost 3 years have passed. The story follows a monster living under a bed that was assigned to a girl who doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

Recently, Russian artist Natalya Sorokina, aka jwitless, came across the emotional story and decided to turn in into a comic strip. Check it out below!

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Three years ago, Tumblr user Kitten Wiskers wrote a short story that went viral on the platform

Image credits: kittenwiskers

Kitten Wiskers’ had quite an impact on people and someone even created a short horror film titled Charlotte and the Monster inspired by it.

It is not entirely clear when exactly the original story was posted but people are saying that it originated in a Tumblr blog called writing-prompt-s.

Russian artist Natalya Sorokina stumbled upon the story and turned it into a comic

Image credits: JWITLESS ART

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