These Love Cards Inspired By The Smiths Are So Cheesy, It’s Brilliant

Published 7 years ago

‘You are human, and you need to be loved,’ that’s what the icon of being hip and the lead vocal of The Smiths, Steven Patrick Morrissey, tells you straight off the cover of ‘Morrisey’s Cards of Love.’

Created by Alon Avissar, a Washington-based art director and illustrator, these greeting cards are tailored to ‘The Smiths‘ music loving audience: “I’ve always been a huge fan of The Smiths. In addition to the brilliance of the music itself, I always got a kick out of Morrissey’s lyrics as they had the ability of being both self-deprecating and utterly pompous at the same time,” says Alon.

To drive this point home he “started with placing images of Moz’s face on super cheesy romantic stock photos,” and once the combo was right, he drew the images on his iPad and slapped the ironic lyrics onto cheesy Valentine’s Day-style greeting cards.

The end result is a perfect surprise for The Smiths fan and a handy collection of corny relationship moments for the rest.

Do these sum up what love means to you? Let us know, what’s missing in the comments!

More info: alon designs (h/t: creativeboom)

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