Moves to a Successful Six-Pack Program

Published 8 years ago

Getting a six-pack is not a walk in the park. A lot of effort and dedication is required. Exercise is key towards a successful program. However, you should also be keen on your diet. There are different types of exercises that people engage in. However, not all of these are likely to give you a six-pack. There is essential move that is specific towards giving you visible abs. These include;

Barbell floor wiper

This is an activity common in the gym room. You should hold a Barbell with your arms straight while your back lies on the floor. Ensure your legs are straight and raise them directly above you. Lower them slowly towards either the right or the left side and repeat it several times. Make sure your feet do not touch the ground during the rotations and also during rest.

Barbell rollout

You should load your barbell with 5 kg mass plates. Ensure that your shoulders are directly above the barbell. Roll the bar forward and repeat the activity several times. However, ensure to take some time for rest to avoid overworking yourself.

Cable core rotation

Keep your body positioned on the right side of the cable. Ensure that your left arm is straight. Pull the cable in the opposite direction until your right arm is straight too. Keep repeating the process and make sure to return the cable to the right position after every rotation.

Dragon Flag

You are supposed to lie on a bench and hold the end of the bench with both hands behind your head. Bend your knees, and lift your legs upwards, let the back moves up as you lift your legs. Ensure your body is 90 degree upwards and then slowly lower it to the bench. Repeat the process several times as well.

Medicine Ball Slam

This is also another key exercise towards helping you get some six-packs. Hold a medicine ball and stand with your knees slightly bent. Hold the ball above your head and bend your waist as you slam the ball into the ground. Your arms should follow through to protect you from falling over. Time and catch the ball on its way back and repeat the process Continue Reading

Ensure to adhere to the essential tips discussed on effective abs moves. However, be on the lookout for other essential moves such as sit-ups, two-point Bridge, body up, crab walk, spider crawl among others that may be important to you.

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