People Are Sharing Examples Of Logic That Only Works In Movies (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

It’s no surprise that sometimes movies and logic go their own separate ways. And while seeing the main character mowing down hundreds of enemies without having to reload or simply walking off bullet wounds doesn’t really seem that out of the ordinary, sometimes it’s the little things that bother us the most.

Redditor OG_Builds recently asked the users of r/AskReddit “What’s something that is totally normal in movies, but never happens in real life?”. Turns out there are hundreds of small things that only make sense in the movie world. You know, like hacking the Pentagon by mashing on the keyboard really fast or the fact that you never see any character brushing their teeth before sleep or after waking up. The thread got over 64k upvotes and 28k comments in just a few days and is an absolute goldmine of silly movie tropes – check out some of the best ones in the gallery below!

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Hacking is typing really fast.

Source: inkseep1


Women can be in the jungle for days but no body hair anywhere.

Men instantly grow a beard

Source: bubblebumblejumble


The pushy dude in the romcom ends up getting the girl whereas in real life they’d be more likely to end up with a restraining order.

Source: IWillCube


“Enhancing” a sh**ty quality image to 4k and zooming in to the size of a microbe with perfect clarity.

Source: AtL_eAsTwOoD


Looking away from the road for a solid 10 seconds while driving to talk to someone

Source: Hadius


Everyone’s house is neat and tidy.

Source: rebekahanncurtis


Wherever the detective has to go, he always finds a parking spot right in front of the place. Downtown Manhattan included.

Source: ataru-moroboshi


Working as a waitress and living in a huge apartment, with the fridge full, and expensive clothes.

Source: DemonLinuzzz


Mom makes a huge breakfast and lays it all out. Kids and husband grab a bagel on the way out the door ignoring all the food

Source: FTAKJ


Being able to outrun an explosion.

Source: My_Dog_Rolls_In_Poo


Running with high heels (and not breaking a bone)

Source: chitchatandblabla


People waking up with perfect make up, my wife points this out in everything we watch.

Source: Zackaryharribo23


Police take a DNA sample and have the results in an hour.

Source: inkseep1


Easily avoidable issues if the person just explains what is happening

Source: dan-o07


Bombs with a special display that counts down to zero.

Source: VoiceOfRealson


In a fight, those henchmen usually fight the main character one by one, one on one until they all get beaten.

Source: Abakrongklings


Actually being able to have a conversation at a bar while music is playing.

Source: Birthday_Dad


Not saying bye before hanging up.

Source: faerieunderfoot


Meeting new friends the minute you move to a new town.

Source: Pralineswithrum


Physically fit and attractive people everywhere.

Source: CruJonesRadRacing


How normalized stalking is. “You dropped this, so I followed you for three hours to give it back” -> “Kiss and hug, now we’re dating”.

In reality, it’s mace and call the cops for stalking.

Source: MeridasAngel


People in their twenties having large lavish apartments.

Source: mairefay91


Walking home from the grocery store carrying a single paper bag with an unwrapped loaf of French bread sticking out the top.

Source: takehiko28


You can have a Ph.D. in theoretical high-energy astrophysics, have finished your postdoc(s), and be running the biggest project in the organization by the time you are 23 if you are a woman and really pretty.

Source: survivalothefittest


Waking up from a long coma and being able to walk…

Source: Nemo182


Nobody ever has to use the toilet.

Source: MyAntipodeanFriend


Hackers. Perfect code, first try, no issues ever. If your code runs correctly first try, you’re confused and scared.

Source: KhaosElemenT


Ask your friends to meet you at a predetermined time and place with no explanation as to why.

I have a hard time getting friends to meet up for legitimate reasons with advanced notice. Meanwhile, movie characters come together in an abandoned warehouse in Brazil like…

(all walk in at the same time)

“Why’d you call?”

Source: huazzy


Uninterested woman has a sudden change of heart for the loser guy and they live happily ever after.

Source: TheSpatulaOfLove


Unlimited bullets and accuraccy 100% for shooting normal bad guys

Source: beklog

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