20 Annoying Things That Ruin The Essence Of A Movie, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes when you are watching a movie, you find something really annoying in it that totally ruins your mood. Whether it’s unnecessary forced romance or scenes shot in the extreme dark, there are many things that might make a person give up on a movie.

A Reddit user lawyeratyourservice asked, “What ruins a movie instantly?”, and people started revealing the things that put them off when they suddenly happens in a movie or a T.V show. Scroll below to read some of those answers.

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Image source: mushy_cactus

“When there’s a scene that’s just advertising a brand.”


Image source: idothisforauirb***h

“Whispered dialogue, ear shattering action sequences.”


Image source: Meewelyne

“When they repeat the same sentence 2-3-10 times in the story for no reason, just to have a kind of motto.”


Image source: AnotherAtretochoana

“When the villain is just bad for no reason whatsoever.”


Image source: buddyknowles

“When it’s so dark you actually can’t see what is happening. Also characters that’s mumble their lines. Drives me nuts.”


Image source: listenup78

“Firing more ammo than the gun actually holds without reloading. Car keys in sun visors. Hacking a protected computer system in seconds.”


Image source: KungFu-omega-warrior

“When people figure out someone’s password in literally no time.”


Image source: MLD802

“MLD802 said:
Breaking the rules they set

BadDudes4Life2018 replied:
The Walking Dead did this so blatantly, that I couldn’t watch it anymore. First season: Walkers can smell us so we have to cover ourselves in rotting meat to escape. Second season: Oh that hoard of Walkers can’t smell us with this car in between us and them.”


Image source: Successful_Morning95

“Successful_Morning95 said:
Characters acting out of character just to make the plot work. Immediately makes me see them as puppets for storytelling rather than people and I stop caring about them.

Bot8556 replied:
The last 2 seasons of Game of thrones”


Image source: pineappledaddy

“Forced romance. Sometimes movies don’t need it and that’s ok.”


Image source: ImReellySmart

“ImReellySmart said:
In superhero movies when the balance of someone’s abilities constantly changes.

Especially in fight scenes when a character could end the fight in 2 seconds but that doesnt allow for an epic battle scene so instead that character just randomly decided to avoid using their most valuable abilities.

This completely takes me out of the moment.

Rubels replied:
The Flash series lost me because of this issue.. literally every fight with a non speedster would be over in 0.2 seconds.”


Image source: Aidencore22

“When they give out the whole plot in a trailer.”


Image source: AsianMoocowFromSpace

“Characters not showing emotion when someone passes away. Often they look a bit sad for one shot, and then the movie continues like nothing happened. Totally takes me out of the movie.”


Image source: International_Ad2893

“Cringey and inappropriate use of gen z slang.”


Image source: xluqx

“xluqx said:
Overanimated, overacted friend of the main character.

[deleted] said:
Akwafina in Shang-Chi. She’s good but she was over the top in this one.”


Image source: Oggmonster42

“When they use CGI to make an almost 80-year-old man look like a 40-year-old but he still moves like an 80-year-old when trying to kick a poor shopkeepers a**.”


Image source: likeireallycare

“running through wilderness in heels for the majority of a movie. IRKSOME.”


Image source: drowningvikesfan

“I watch movies with subtitles. When they speak a different language and it just says “speaks foreign language.” Especially when it’s not just a few lines, but actual dialog.”


Image source: RedditLawEnforcer

“Sex. No seriously. When I see a movie labelled “Action/Thriller”, I want action or thriller. I do not want the undercover spy to start diving deep inside some random girl who may or may not be involved in the plot.”


Image source: kicked-in-the-gonads

“The “exotic foreign country” yellow filter.”

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