20 Mysterious And Odd-Looking Plants Shared And Identified By Members Of This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Mother nature is mysterious and wonderful – no matter how much you think you know about her, you might end up getting surprised by something new every day. What do you do when you come across a weird plant or flower and want to know what it is? Search for answers on the internet to satiate your curiosity, right?

Turns out, there is a Reddit community to answer the mysterious questions about peculiar plants! The online group “r/Whatsthisplant” is a place where people share photos of unusual plants so that other folks may help identify them. So, if google lens doesn’t give you accurate results, you can turn to this community for finding out the correct names of various plants. Scroll below to see some of the best posts from this community.

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#1 From The Japanese Garden In Singapore

Image source: blabgasm

Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

#2 What A Beautiful…?? What Is This

Image source: RoseRoss186


#3 What Flower Is This? Found On Facebook With No Context

Image source: Raz1230

Geum Reptans rose

#4 What Kind Of Tree Is This?

Image source: thephatangel


#5 What Is This Alien Looking Flower?

Image source: Luckydog12

Puya bromeliad

#6 What Is This Whimsical Little Vine In Atlanta?

Image source: moops04

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata, “porcelain berry” or “Amur peppervine”

#7 Would Like Know What Plant Makes These Flowers

Image source: Magporca

Camellia japonica ‘pink perfection’

#8 So I Found These Little Fluffballs. Not Sure What They’re Called! Location: Somewhere In Nunavut

Image source: clarifrench

Cotton grass, aka tundra cotton

#9 What’s This Curly Cactus?

Image source: black_rose_

Cereus forbesii cv Spiralis

#10 Found This Growing Voluntarily Over My Dog’s Grave

Image source: JoRHawke

Spring beauty (Claytonia virginica)

#11 What Are These Flowers?

Image source: sadrice

They are salvia but the cat is wildly distracting

#12 Found Online But I’m Curious To Know Which Plant Makes These Leaves

Image source: Contrenox

Jack’s Giant or Thailand Giant

#13 What Is This Satisfying Succulent?

Image source: EffectiveEggplant1

Ice plant (Corpuscularia lehmannii)

#14 Found In Ventura, Ca. Anyone Know What This Is?

Image source: Wilmoire

Geraldton Carnationweed, Carnation Spurge (Euphorbia terracina)

#15 Moved To A New House This Winter And This Beauty Is Welcoming The Spring. Portland, Oregon

Image source: serafino23

Pink Flowering Dogwood, Cornus florida var. rubra

#16 What Is This Plant? My Friend Ate One Of The Red Pods And I’m Concerned

Image source: dldaniel123

Possibly cycad seed pod. I think your friend should go see a doctor.

#17 This Beautiful Two Toned Rose In My Garden. I Have Never Seen This Before

Image source: trieuvanvccvv

Rose Joseph’s Coat

#18 Random Plant That Has Shown Up In My Garden For The First Time

Image source: L4N3Y


#19 Tree In India

Image source: indicamon

Fishtail Palm

#20 What Is This Beautiful Tree?

Image source: crispychickenadhd

Rainbow Eucalyptus

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