30 Times Plant Parents Showed Off Their Houseplants Proudly

Published 3 years ago

Growing houseplants comes with many challenges as we have to provide constant care and attention to a plant. It’s like raising a baby or a pet (slightly better, at least plants don’t poop or pee!). Since it takes lots of dedication and patience, plant parents usually light up with joy and pride over their achievement of successfully growing a healthy plant.

Not everyone can afford a huge garden but people with green thumb know how to use the space inside their house for planting. R/houseplants is an online community where people from all over the world share pictures of their beautiful indoor plants. Scroll below to see some of those magnificent green babies.

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#1 My Echeveria Showing Me Some Love With Its Blooms!

Image source: lynsea

#2 Look At This Magnificent Dioon Edule! Dioon’s Are Among The Oldest Seed Plants And Even Pre-Date The Dinosaurs!

Image source: -HonestMistake

#3 This Was Supposed To Be A Plant Progress Post Showing Off My Oxalis But Henk Stole The Show

Image source: agatac

#4 Just Me And My Prince Of Orange ?

Image source: zsp561

#5 I Found A Photo Of Her Flowering! 75 Y/O Christmas Cactus

Image source: aylakay851

#6 Family Member For Over 50 Years

Image source: VAgreengene

#7 I See Your House Plants And Raise You A Plant House

Image source: Johnny_Creditcard

#8 My Terracotta Corner

Image source: UnluckyAcadia

#9 Thought You Guys Would Appreciate This Pilea!

Image source: furyxen

#10 Update On My Variegated Dragon Scale Alocasia ?? After 2 Green Leaves She Blessed Me With A Fully White/Cream Leaf!

Image source: victato

#11 My Grandfather’s Crazy Orchid

Image source: ArcKade

#12 My Uncle’s 35 Year Old Desert Candle Cactus (Euphorbia Acrurensis)

Image source: Silversun5

#13 Bought My Grandmother A Grocery Store Orchid 3 Years Ago For Mother’s Day. It Currently Has 45 Blooms

Image source: jacols

#14 My Peperomia Letting Me Know She Appreciated The Love I Gave Her

Image source: hatplantdaddy

#15 I Planted This Last Year And It’s Getting Long! A Jug, Spilling A String Of Pearls

Image source: mcguirl2

#16 She Might Not Be R/Nextf****nevel Material, But After A Year Of Hard Work, I Think She’s Pretty Sky High

Image source: tainoson

#17 The Monstera At My Parents’ House

Image source: ams5657

#18 It’s Called A ✨coping Mechanism✨

Image source: thompianj

#19 Burro’s Tail Balcony

Image source: mtlgrems

#20 I Inherited This Oxalis After My Plant Loving Grandfather Passed. It Was In Such Rough Shape That All Growth Had To Be Removed. Now It’s Huge And Flowering ?

Image source: HamSandwicz

#21 My Oldest Houseplant. Texas Ebony. 10ish Years. You Like?

Image source: MyNameIsDaveToo

#22 Blooming Burro’s Tail

Image source: mtlgrems

#23 By Golly, I Think I Fit All My Patio Houseplants Back Into The House And I’m Still Scratching My Head On How I Managed It

Image source: mundanecatlady

#24 I Told Her She Could Be Anything, So She Became A Spinal Column. Follow Your Anatomical Leggy-Plant Dreams, Little Crassula!

Image source: FourExcitedSpiders

#25 I Literally Jumped Up And Down Shouting At My Boyfriend To Get My Phone When I Saw My Huernia Zebrina Had Bloomed

Image source: sleepingsapphire

#26 I Love Walking Out Into My Living Room Every Morning To This! Always Starting My Day With Positive Vibes

Image source: baoyonce

#27 I Took Some Family Photos Today

Image source: TheThotHokage

#28 Pilea Flex ?

Image source: 84Riceeater

#29 A Surprise From My White Princess

Image source: Inconspicuous_worm

#30 Proud Plant Mom Family Photo. Though Sometimes The Sheer Amount Of Plants I Care For Overwhelms Me

Image source: catnamedred

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