25 Memorable “National Costumes” At This Year’s Miss Universe 2023 Pageant

Published 7 months ago

The Miss Universe National Costume Competition 2023 just concluded and the designers and contestants brought their A-game this year as well. The purpose of the function is for individual countries to be represented through fashion in such as way as to send a message and create awareness.

Last year’s winner was Ukraine’s representative with their ‘The Warrior of Light’ costume. The ensemble represented Ukrainians ‘inner strength, courage, determination and love of freedom. This year again, the various contestants did not disappoint as you can see in the gallery below. 

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#1 Iceland

Image source:  Miss Universe

This costume represents the midnight sun – a natural phenomenon that occurs during certain months in Iceland. There are several days in which the sun never sets dramatically affecting the country’s summer daylight hours.

#2 Ukraine

Image source:  Miss Universe

This costume is a dedication to the unconditional love of a mother and the defenselessness of children in the face of war. Mothers all over Ukraine are begging and dreaming of a sky without missiles.

#3 Honduras

Image source:  Miss Universe

This look pays tribute to the working spirit of Lenca women – a group dedicated to crafting the colorful designs that haven’t changed much in the past 500 years, thanks to ancestral knowledge passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

#4 Nicaragua

Image source:  Miss Universe

Check out this great-tailed Grackle. The costume consists of a tight-fitting leotard, a plume decorated with feathers, two immense shiny wings, and an extensive tail decorated with thousands of crystals.

#5 Peru

Image source:  Miss Universe

The Tumi, a word meaning knife, was once used as a ceremonial instrument in pre-Columbian coastal civilizations. Today it’s used as a good luck symbol that can be found in doctor’s offices across Peru.

#6 Guyana

Image source:  Miss Universe

80% of Guyana is covered in rainforest, so this costume represents the country’s abundance of wildlife. Aside from the array of animals, the skirt features lilies – a beautiful aquatic plant that’s native to South America.

#7 Thailand

Image source:  Miss Universe

Behold The Mother Earth goddess highly revered in worship throughout Thai history. She’s often depicted twisting her long hair and producing holy water, which is eventually used to nourish mankind.

#8 Costa Rica

Image source:  Miss Universe

Costa Rica is a small country with diverse ecosystems located between two bodies of water that irrigate the land. This dress represents the rich marine spaces and beautiful beaches while the trident is an ode to coral reef.

#9 Angola

Image source:  Miss Universe

The Mumuhuila women manage their husbands’ fortunes and beads necklaces they wear are symbols of their wealth. These women are a vital part of Angolian culture, even wear their many necklaces to sleep.

#10 Mexico

Image source:  Miss Universe

This mystical heroine with a Mexican heart protects the lives of magic beings in her world. The mask headpiece and wings present the perfect fusion of an owl and a deer – animals that represent wisdom and focus.

#11 Myanmar

Image source:  Miss Universe

In Myanmar Buddhist culture there’s a tradition called virtue tree, where donations from savings are collected for the monasteries during festivals. This costume represents a lady dressing up for the ceremony prepared to do good deeds.

#12 Denmark

Image source:  Miss Universe

This Nordic ocean dragon is a fusion of fantasy and reality portraying a mythical creature that peacefully resides within the depths of the Nordic Ocean. The costume symbolizes the enduring spirit of the Vikings.

#13 South Africa

Image source:  Miss Universe

This costume is inspired by the Indian sari, and uses traditional Zulu beadwork to protect this delegate’s African and Indian heritage.

#14 The Bahamas

Image source:  Miss Universe

This costume pays homage to a 19th-century doll, a souvenir from the Bahamas world famous international straw market. Woven in burlap and straw accents its gems and stones feature the patriotic colors of gold black and aquamarine.

#15 El Salvador

Image source:  Miss Universe

Introducing the volcanic and empowerment costume. It honors the transformative power of nature and the human spirit. It features an eruption of volcano elements symbolizing the rebirth of the country.

#16 Venezuela

Image source:  Miss Universe

This handcrafted ensemble is a masterpiece of embroidery and crystal beating. It features red flames, orange and gold, and a mass paying homage to the Dancing Devils – a set of popular religious festivals.

#17 Ireland

Image source:  Miss Universe

Celtic goddess of the sea, protecting Irish waters from pollution. Made from recycled plastic lids and reclaimed wool, this costume reminds us that the future of our planet depends on sustainability.

#18 India

Image source:  Miss Universe

Behold a resilient modern Indian who stands tall with grace her diversity, integrity, and strength are embroidered in this armored goddess look. Powerful shoulders highlight the feminine form and the Lotus Halo carries religious symbols.

#19 Guatemala

Image source:  Miss Universe

This outfit was inspired by the national flower of Guatemala – the white nun orchid. These delicate beauties inhabit the cloud forest of her country. So, the back of this costume features its gorgeous petals.

#20 Brazil

Image source:  Miss Universe

This costume is a tribute to the majestic blue macaw. As a wing guardian, this delegate brings a message of conservation as danger threatens these birds and the biodiversity they represent.

#21 Malta

Image source:  Miss Universe

In Malta there used to be nearly 50 species of butterflies but overdevelopment caused that number to dwindle. This is both an ode to the insect and an homage to Euro Pride which was recently held in the country.

#22 Chile

Image source:  Miss Universe

Inspired by the condor and made with feathers to create an impressive wingspan this look represents the majestic bird that’s native to Chile. Humans are the greatest threat to condors so this delegate wants to raise awareness and prevent extinction.

#23 Germany

Image source:  Miss Universe

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale about a girl crossing borders and looking for the light. This brave German princess never stops believing in the force for good, inspiring this delegate to keep fighting.

#24 Norway

Image source:  Miss Universe

This costume pays tribute to Queen Sonia of Norway, a great artist who studied dressmaking and is known for wardrobe recycling. Inspired by old folk styles using modern techniques and upcycled materials, this look features the national colors of red, white, and blue.

#25 Great Britain

Image source:  Miss Universe

Great Britain gave the world English – the official language of 67 countries. This national costume is a tribute to both the English language and the Oxford Dictionary – an unsurpassed guide that documents around 600,000 words.

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