20 Stories That Prove That ‘Neighbors From Hell’ Do Exist

Published 2 years ago

The bible verse says to love your neighbor, but it also writes to love your enemies. Sometimes, both the neighbor and the enemy are one person, so does that mean that you have to love them twice as much? This might be challenging because not everyone is fortunate living next to Ned Flanders. Some neighbors can be absolute pricks, if you’ll pardon the expression. Just like you can’t choose your family, you can’t pick your neighbors. It’s not like one of you will move out elsewhere to accommodate the other. You are stuck with them, perhaps for the long term as well. 

For those unaware that nightmare neighbors do exist, this Reddit thread might change your mind. When one user asked, “What are your worst nightmare neighbour conflict stories?” people left over 1.2k comments to retell their encounters with “neighbors from hell.” Although some are pretty standard, a few might really surprise you. Have you ever had “the pleasure” of dealing with a bad neighbor? Share your story in the comments!

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Image source: Antarius-of-Smeg

Neighbour behind my house would scream at her kids daily to the point our kids would be afraid to play in the backyard.

By “scream,” I mean things such as “You f*****g little c**t! Get the f**k out here!” (verbatim quote) to a kid that looked like he was 8 or 9.

My ex even tried to help out one day; one of her kids was up a 3-story tall tree of hers that hung over our fence and wouldn’t climb down (I wonder why?) and this banshee was screaming all sorts of bile at him to come down. My ex calmly says to the boy “Please climb down, sweetie. You might fall” to try and convince him; the woman then turns on her “What the f**k do you think you’re doing? Don’t you f*****g talk to my kids!”

I made the mistake of calling the cops on her once while she was abusing several people. She then came after me physically.


Image source: anon

Many stories but I will leave this bit of speech my genius neighbor spouted last weekend.

Screaming this from her front porch to her adult son who just jumped in his jeep…

“Put your seatbelt on, you been drinkin’!”


Image source: landingonvenus

I live in an old motor court that was converted into cottages and trailers for rent. My neighbor directly across my cottage is a paranoid schizophrenic. He screams about fascist doctors and w**re nurses at all hours of the night. Sometimes he stands in front of his house with no shirt on, arms crossed, and just stares. He makes weird antenna hats and leaves signs all over his cottage that the doctors are in cahoots with the government and are doing experiments on his brain. He only ever wears white and makes his own clothes and if you live in Davis CA you’ve most likely seen him walking around downtown yelling or muttering to himself. I’ve gotten used to him and don’t think he’s dangerous, but yeah, it’s awkward when you have company over and have to explain to them why your neighbor is sitting outside wearing a helmet with antennas poking out of it.


Image source: Bbrhuft

My neighbour cut the Cable with her garden sheers, I presume an argument over the bill.

She wouldn’t let the cable company in to repair it. So they had to bypass her house, my house and about 6 others had no TV, Phone or Internet for 8 days.


Image source: anon

Ten chihuahuas


Image source: FrankenstineGirls

I work in the agricultural industry and sometimes have to help sort out disputes between neighbours.

I have always been shocked as to how two grown adults (or two families) will allow the situation to degrade to the point of violence.

One time I was contacted because of a dam usage dispute. Basically, the two warring neighbours were unsure of the boundary between their two properties and both wanted to use this one particular dam. Both had in the past fenced it off, and both had cut the other neighbours fence down.

I identified who the dam belonged to and provided advice accordingly. The neighbour who came off second best wasn’t happy… He didn’t say anything to me, really. But he did throw a tonne of dynamite in the dam, rendering it useless. It also exploded the animals drinking from it at the time of detonation.

Another person is suspected of taking revenge on his neighbour for some sort of personal slight. I say suspected because it’s been thoroughly investigated and no one knows the clear details. All I can say is that the neighbour disappeared without a trace and rumour has it, was cut into pieces and stuffed down an out-of-commission borehole.

On other occasions, I’ve had to deal with neighbours who have shot at each other, lit each other’s infrastructure on fire, stolen each other’s property (including livestock) or even in one case, revenge f****d the neighbours daughter. Keeps life interesting.


Image source: Sumapplesauce

Neighbors kid use to always just walk right in the front door. Before I moved into the house the original owner murdered the previous neighbor for always parking in his driveway. House is cursed to make annoying neighbors I guess.

Edit:I don’t know why people keep saying American horror story. NO.

Edit:People keep asking why we didn’t lock the door. My mom wasn’t much of a mom and we were four young boys who had better things to do than worry about that stuff. Nowadays I’m always locking my door!


When I was a kid, my next door neighbor wanted to build a patio for his numerous cars into my yard. He got mad when we told him not to.

Image source: TheSithLordFender


Image source: montgomerygoose

My neighbors in college thought it would be fun to shoot the pellet gun in their backyard. When shooting at cans wasn’t satisfying they went ahead and shot my cat. I was gone at the time and when I got back home, my cat had ran back in through the window to hide, blood all over the floors. Took him to the vet who removed the pellet and he died two days later from peritonitis. One of the saddest moments of my life.


Image source: stopstaringatmeswan4

I lived in a house that had been split into two apartments. Next door was a crackhead. Normally, crackhead kept to herself and didn’t bother me except to bum a cigarette or two every few days.

One day she needed a smoke, but I was down to my last pack, and payday wasn’t for another three days, so I said no. She must have really needed a smoke, because it was like a rage switch had been turned on in her head.

I turned around and went back into my apartment to get away from her screaming at me, and she went back into her apartment and started pounding on the walls. At least I thought she was just pounding on the walls. Turns out that she grabbed a hammer and was smashing her way through the walls to my apartment.

I called her boyfriend, who was basically a decent dude, and he rushed home and got her calmed down. The hole in the walls was basketball-sized by the time she was stopped. Luckily for me, they were already being evicted, so I didn’t have to worry about her anymore.

Tl;Dr http://i.imgur.com/rjX661r.gif


Image source: Mr-Crasp

Lived in an apartment over a couple who would constantly fight and blast ’80s German electro pop s**t during week nights when I had to get up for work at 5am.


Image source: ClinchClonch

In our last apartment, we lived on the 2nd floor. A family on the 4th floor had this kid who was maybe 3 years old. Every morning between 6 and 8, they’d walk up the staircase after having been out, and most of the time, the kid would start crying. Loudly. What was the solution of the parents? Leave the crying kid in the staircase on its own for 15min! Our apartment doors carried sound through them very well, so it was basically like having a screaming 3-year-old in your hallway every morning.

Let’s just say it got on my nerves rather quickly. So what did I do? Nothing of course, I’m a Swede lol.


Image source: dc5trbo

I guess not “from hell,” but still. The neighbor’s f*****g kids man. It starts every spring. They only have one speech volume, which is scream. It sounds like children are being murdered on a daily basis. They jump all over my porch swing even though I have repeatedly asked the parents to tell them not to. They run up and down the stairs of my porch constantly. I am just waiting for one to get seriously hurt and then it’s my fault. I have a narrow driveway and last summer the one got his bike wedged between my house and my car’s passenger door, scratched the s**t out of it. Basically, they just run wild and the parents either don’t care, or are too drunk to notice at times. I don’t know when I turned into a crotchety old man at 30 but damn those kids.


Image source: thickintegument

My neighbour once vomited on my living room window out of spite…


Image source: HAMSTYLE_

Found a neighbor of mine putting his trash in my cans. Then when I confronted him he tried to fight me.


Never had much luck with neighbours, but by god the last one was horrible. They had two massive dogs that were completely untrained, never left the house and were outside day and night 24/7. Constantly barking their asses off setting my dog off aswell.

One time one of their dogs escaped by jumping the fence off their patio furniture. We had to call animal control because he was sitting at the end of the driveway charging at people who walked down the street, for god knows how long. The second time one of them escaped they took off and the drunk a*****e screamed at my dad for at least an hour accusing him of stealing their dog. Big surprise when one of them never escaped again after moving their patio furniture away from the fence.

F**k those guys, they left a couple months ago and my dad was so excited he took a chair and sat in front of our window watching them load their U-haul truck.


Image source: jkorpela

Cop here. I went to a disturbance call where two neighbors were blowing leaves at each other with leaf blowers. They were actually mad while doing this.


Image source: chang_rocks

Not from “hell” exactly. We used to live in a property with 2 units and we were in the back. Lived there for 4-5 years before the new front unit neighbours (a couple in their 60s-70s) moved in. A few weeks in, she complained about our front yard bit which was not a shared area and it consisted of a tree and 3-4 small bushes. She wanted us to plant something nicer in OUR private area (2m x 1m) keeping in mind we were in the back so no one from the street could see it anyways. My mum told her she didn’t have the time to do that so she suggested we hire her gardener to take care of our area and mum told her we didn’t have that kind of money to spend. Next thing you know she sends us her grandson (he would’ve been late 20s) to try and convince us to change our plants to what she wanted. She hinted we should do it because he was a professional *private detective* and he was really good at his job. Crazy plant lady.


Image source: gotn

When I was a baby, the old lady who lived above us put a hose through the window into my cot.


Image source: gadget_girl

Looked out of my window to see my neighbour leaning over my 6ft high fence, and stretching right into my yard to saw some of the main branches off my tree… My tree had never extended over the fence and her limb-hacking killed it.
A few months later, she cut one of the wires attached to our boundary fence that was holding up a shade cloth in my back yard. I called the cops on her.
And a couple of weeks later, all the plants along our boundary fence mysteriously died, and seriously damaged some of my trees…
And I still have no idea what her problem is!

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