30 “Neighbors From Hell” Stories That’ll Probably Make Your Blood Boil

Published 2 years ago

When choosing a home to live in, one of the most important aspects to look for is friendly neighbors. Because let’s face it, good surroundings matter a lot, and the people around you define the energy of your space too.

While some neighbors know how to treat others with respect and understanding, a few of them have no clue about these basic things. Today, we have collected some stories to show that “neighbors from hell” exist and how they make life complicated and difficult for others.

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#1 Stealing From A Self-Isolating, Vulnerable Neighbor

Image source: maylesa

#2 Our Duplex Neighbor Of 3 Years Mysteriously Moved In The Middle Of The Night. We Had Never Seen The Inside Of His House The Whole Time. Now We Know Why

Image source: mama_ji

#3 My Neighbors’ Son Was Hiding From Them So He Could Sneak A Smoke, He Put His Bud Out On A Paper Bark Tree And Set The Tree And My Back Yard On Fire

Image source: AtlasGamingAU

First photo is how close the fire was to my gas bottles.

#4 Neighbors Moved Out, Took Their Cat’s Collar, But Not The Cat

Image source: Lou-Lou-67

#5 Neighbor Taped This To My Door

Image source: RamenRat

#6 Our Homophobic Neighbor Complained To The City That Our Trash Bins Are On The Side Of Our House. The City Said We Could Put Up A Lattice In Front Of The Bins

Image source: Magical_Narwhal_1213

Hope she loves our new lattice!

#7 Neighbor From Hell

Image source: zapbob

#8 My Friend Found This Puppy. We Took It To The Neighbor Previously Seen With Puppies, And He Said He Had “Set The Puppy Free” Because He’d Already Gotten Rid Of The Rest

Image source: MzMegs

Police said this isn’t the first time he’s done this.

#9 My Neighbors Keep Putting Their Bins In Front Of My Van On My Property

Image source: Spirited-Stick

#10 My Landlord Texted Me This After He Kicked My Sweet Elderly Neighbor Out Of Our Duplex So He Could Move In

Image source: MitziVinyl

#11 My Mom Made Me Throw Away This Good-Looking Cake Because It Was Given To Us By A Muslim Neighbor For Eid

Image source: SciencesnObjects40

#12 My Neighbors Had A Party Last Night. That’s My Trampoline

Image source: HalfWaySlick

#13 Our Neighbor Shot A Hole In Our Bedroom Wall Last Night

Image source: ryannefromTX

#14 Amazon Delivery Picture Of My Package On My Neighbors’ Porch. Asked My Neighbor If They Happened To Accidentally Get My Package. “Nope Didn’t See It”

Image source: _The_Space_Monkey_

#15 Apartment Neighbor Blasting Music With Full Bass For Hours, Making Myself And My Pet Uncomfortable

Image source: extra_brisket

#16 This Is My Girlfriend’s Neighbors’ House, It’s A Large Family Of Around Maybe 7-8 That I’ve Seen (They Just Got Evicted)

Image source: reddit.com

#17 My Nosy Neighbor Peeping In My Window When I Didn’t Answer The Door

Image source: rollincode3

#18 Came Home From Working All Night To Discover My (Townhouse) Neighbors Didn’t Put Out Their Fireworks Completely Last Night

Image source: Fooberdoober97420

#19 Told My Neighbors’ Kids To Knock It Off When I Caught Them Throwing Rocks Against My Fence And Siding. Found This In My Backyard 30 Mins Later. I Have A Dog

Image source: seebz69

#20 I Pay $125 A Month To Park In My Parking Spot. I’m 111B. This Jerk Is My Neighbor

Image source: badbicth06

#21 The “Weird” Neighbors Moved Out

Image source: cheezballs

#22 Someone Spilled The Soup In My Building’s Stairwell, And Now Notes Are Accumulating

Image source: emilyzulllo

#23 Neighbors Have Been Pouring Bleach, Dog Urine, And Dirty Mop Water On My Balcony. Today’s Treat Was Dog’s Puke

Image source: Suspicious_Station83

#24 Note Left On Car Of Disabled Neighbor’s Social Worker

Image source: The_winner_man

#25 A Neighbor’s “Security” Light That They Keep On 24/7

Image source: TaudeTheThird

#26 Another Arrow To The House From A Neighbor

Image source: SolarMatter

#27 Crazy Neighbor Has A List Of People Who Are Not Welcome On His Front Door

Image source: Illustrious_Welder94

#28 While Moving The First Load Of My Thing Into My New House, Neighbors Greet Me By Burning Trash And Setting Their Truck On Fire

Image source: ibuildonions

#29 Neighbor’s Kid Decided To Decorate My Car With A Rock To Make It Look “Cute”

Image source: burd-the-wurd

#30 Woke Up To Noises Coming From My Bathroom Turns Out My Neighbor Tried Getting Into My Apartment Through My Medicine Cabinet

Image source: jchancho

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