Apple’s New Store In Chicago Will Have A Giant MacBook For A Roof

Published 7 years ago

A new Apple store under construction on the Chicago River just surprised everyone with an Apple logo on top of its roof, visually transforming the whole building into something that looks like one giant MacBook from atop.

A photo of the roof was posted on Instagram, taken by user @kaos_since_always on Thursday, June 22, Chicago time. Just an hour later, the shiny Apple logo was rolled up and disappeared as quickly as it appeared. According to some sources, the logo will be put there once again once the shop opens.

The store is designed by London-based architectural company Foster + Partners. It should be open by October 2017. It will feature an all-glass construction and carbon fiber look that will again resemble a MacBook.

People can’t decide how they feel about this roof – is it cool or is it ridiculous? What’s your take on this?


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Image source: kaos_since_always

Image source: woyteg

Image source: globalwu

Video source: abc7chicago

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