35 ‘Nice Girls’ Who Are The Female Equivalent Of Toxic ‘Nice Guys’

Published 6 months ago

There’s a popular social stereotype online where ‘Nice Guys’ are being called out for their entitlement. These young adult males expect women to fall at their feet for their “caring” and “empathetic” gentlemanly behaviours that they feel would automatically merit them a woman’s affection in a romantic manner. 

Today we explore how this is not exclusive to the male gender and that there may be a rising trend amongst the female population who classify themselves as ‘Nice Girls’. One subreddit, aptly named after the same moniker, aims to clarify exactly what kind of girls attribute this particular feature to themselves with a hilarious collection of accurate memes and posts, from which we’ve shared a few of the most amusing in the gallery below.

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#1 Umm

Image source: femxlwt

irissii (she/them)lmaoooo

#2 He Shall Find A Hook-Up

Image source: Public_Nickname

BelandrielWhoa… that’s some psycho s**t going on there.

#3 Does This Count?

Image source: dadledingo

Blue Bunny of HappinessWoah, this girl needs some serious therapy.

#4 He Was Genuinely About To Leave The Library To Go See Her Too

Image source: holhaspower

HelluvaHedgehogAlien‘You’re’ not ‘Your’. Ugh

#5 She Is Cursed

Image source: MartinDewYT

polar bear panda: she isn’t cursed; she IS the curse

#6 Nice Respectable Girl Can’t Find A Man

Image source: BlueSeaNox

ॐBoyGaneshPerfect response to judgey shamer.

#7 My Ex’s Reply When I Told Her I Was Going To Break Up With Her For Cheating On Me

Image source: Cynical-Meme

Susie Elle: Jesus christ bye

#8 And Breaking Worth 40$ Isn’t Cruel?

Image source: Perouaz

SheamusFanFrom1987I don’t care if we’ve been dating for 3 weeks or 3 years, you do this to any of my games, it’s out the door with you. I won’t say I’d prioritize my games over my girl but breaking games is heresy in my book.

#9 Is She Missing Anything Else?

Image source: ImpressiveBook3744

Tee with a TwistYeah your missing a Brain

#10 Hey….can I Ask Why Have You Decided To Unfollow Me?

Image source: elenoracarter334

Nenyone_yayWhy even keep the conversation going?

#11 (Ex)gf Hit Me With A Car And Then Sent This

Image source: AlternativelyCameron

Roger9erThat’s exactly how it works.

#12 Hmm

Image source: CupcakeNinja789

OmMiWhat in the seven hells?!?

#13 Ironic

Image source: [deleted]

#14 She’s Not Like Other Girls, She Has Intellagince

Image source: je_suis_un_negre

Susie ElleIntellagince

#15 Not Sure If This Counts But

Image source: Bonzi_

SheamusFanFrom1987Suddenly, I feel like running to the bakery for honey buns. And for those who may ask, yes, I will share.

#16 Queen Of Clowns

Image source: boredAF6

Roger9erThis is just an (weak) excuse to cheat.

#17 Physically Cringing

Image source: esiotrot_

ZedrapaziaAh, so there’s also a female version of this. Also, she called him stupid in the end (baka). Why? That’s the opposite of what you should say to someone you want to date, disregarding the other weirdness.

#18 Her Getting D Tonight Is Ok But I Guess Men Can’t?

Image source: tackle_shaft_fan

ॐBoyGaneshShe’s just jealous cos he’s gotten more d**k than her.

#19 My Ex’s Responses When She Broke Up With Me And I Quit Responding To Her

Image source: PrakerRBG

AnonymousEven though she broke up with you she’s acting as if your cheating on her?

#20 Sounds Like A Really Great Relationship

Image source: Aviaja-Maria

TwoflowerGet professional help.

#21 I Understand The First Two But Going To The Gym And Having Friends Is Bad?

Image source: darman1

TwoflowerDon’t you dare have friends or a good time!🧐

#22 If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst

Image source: [deleted]


#23 Just Your Typical Nicegirl

Image source: StephIschoZen

HokuloaNot gonna lie, kinda funny 😂

#24 Never Thought This Sh*t Would Happen, Like What The F*ck

Image source: 31knife

#25 This Trend Is So Weird To Me

Image source: vaskotheslider

Charlie the CatWow… What a catch!

#26 A Rare Daily Double Of Nice Guy And Girl

Image source: zeejix

ZedrapaziaGreat, these two searched and found each other: Male incel stumbles over female incel. “I always end up friend zoned!” and “Men are trash!” are a toxic concoction.

#27 Nicegirl Doesn’t Know Why Boys Won’t Date Her. Gee I Wonder Why?

Image source: AlphaOmegaSith

Strawberry Pizza: Ah yes, tumblr ‘feminists’. (Read: misandrists). As a woman I apologise for this lady and would like to assure my fellow pandas that these kinds of people are both delusional and very rare in real life

#28 Call Ya Mom

Image source: czanaglia

NinaRun as fast as you can…

#29 This Can Fit This Sub And R/Niceguys Equally Well

Image source: Equinephilosopher

KurichfieldLife be like this

#30 My Friend Sent Me This Screenshot

Image source: Octember24

TwoflowerNo means no.

#31 From A Nicegirl On My Facebook

Image source: AlexDChristen

troufaki13: No!

#32 I Think This Is Abuse

Image source: Anony_Gal

AndThenICommented (edited):Definitely just straight abuse. Who thinks like this??

#33 Basic Questions And Got Sas Back

Image source: tmdt69

Andrew ReadI usually answer that I launder money for a Russian Oligarch.

#34 Good Thing She’ll Probably Never Have A Wedding!!

Image source: AntonioJoseph57

ZedrapaziaI absolutely hate women like that. Men have feelings just like everyone else and can cry. Shitheads like her made my fiance never tell me when he feels bad until he becomes miserable!

#35 Girl Wouldn’t Leave Friend Alone

Image source: CarlosGarriz

Nina: She’s quite delusional..

Sans Serif (Sans)No shortage of delusion in this list – no shortage at all!!


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