20 Photos To Rekindle Your Past Memories, As Shared By People Online

Published 2 years ago

We often feel a longing for the things that are no longer available to us. Although it’s better to move on and keep up with the present moment, sometimes diving deep into the past provides us with the necessary warmth and comfort that help us move ahead in life.

The popular subreddit r/Nostalgia posts photos of obsolete things that might remind you of old times or happy memories. Scroll below to see some of their best posts and let’s get nostalgic!

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#1 Leather Phone Cases Used By Some Dads In The Early 2000s

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#2 Image Transferring With Silly Putty

Image source: noconnostalgia

#3 Windows 95 Themes

Image source: redditburner2112

#4 Who Remembers Making Textbook Covers From Grocery Bags In The Late 1970s And 80s?

Image source: DiosMioMan63

#5 Erasers That Never Erased Anything

Image source: OmicronGR

#6 Manual Credit Card Machine. You Know The Sounds It Makes

Image source: James_Bong

#7 McDonald’s Packaging From The Early 90s

Image source: GaffersB

#8 Apple Computers In Late 90s/ Early 2000s

Image source: Djf47021

#9 Who Watched “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” Growing Up? What A 90s Masterpiece

Image source: Filmband06

#10 A Top 10 Gift If You Were A Kid In The 90’s, I Present To You, The Ultimate Surround Sound Audio, Complete With The Option To Extend The Speakers 2 Feet While Simultaneously Having A Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System On Your Ceiling

Image source: fugazi-stugotz

#11 Getting To Play With The Parachute In The 90s Was Peak “Life Is Good”

Image source: Popular_Echo4882

#12 The Clear Craze Of The 90s When Almost Everything Was Clear

Image source: BrightSummerDays

#13 Back When I Was Growing Up, Ice Cream Came In A Box!

Image source: Radizelyo

#14 “The Hologram Store” That Sold Beauties Like These At The Mall

Image source: wiltony

#15 Lost (2004)

Image source: Otherwise_Basis_6328

#16 The Old Taco Bell Packaging (Also The Easy Button)

Image source: Uncommon_sharpie

#17 The 64 Pack Of Crayons With A Built In Sharpener

Image source: esloishatpc

#18 Anybody Else Have Parents Who Saved National Geographics And Included Them On The Family Bookshelf?

Image source: Spalding_Smails

#19 The Original Mouse Trap

Image source: In-Jail-Out-Soon

#20 Pre 9/11 When A Kid Was Able To Visit The Cockpit Of An Airplane

Image source: Mylaptopisburningme

#21 The Most Relatable Rugrats Quote: “It’s Four O’clock In The Morning! Why On Earth Are You Making Chocolate Pudding?” “Because I’ve Lost Control Of My Life” 1993

Image source: Dayetison

#22 Different Decade, Same Spooky Family

Image source: Supercosplaylover

#23 For My First Father’s Day My Incredible Wife Bought Me My Favourite Toy From My Childhood So My Son And I Can Play Together. She Even Re-Did All The Stickering

Image source: QueanbeyanPride

#24 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Nightmares For A Kid In The 90’s

Image source: xcomegetsomex

#25 Cd-Rom Games

Image source: loopie35

#26 Weekend Nights At The Skating Rink Were As Close To A Nightclub Scene As Us Pre-High Schoolers Got Back In The Day

Image source: Spalding_Smails

#27 Pizza Hut Glasses

Image source: Teelk3007

#28 An Ancient Memory. Busytown Mysteries

Image source: BrightSummerDays

#29 Eating Mac N’ Cheese By Arranging A Single Noodle On Each Fork Tine

Image source: ikmf2569xf

#30 Styrofoam Airplanes

Image source: w1n5t0nM1k3y

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