This Photographer Shoots Nude Portraits, Only This Time He Is The One Naked

Published 6 years ago

Trevor Christensen is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles who recently launched his latest portrait series titled Nude Portraits. And if you think the series is going to feature many naked people, we’ve got news for you – there will only one. And he won’t be in front of the camera.

In his latest series, the photographer decided to take peoples’ portraits while being naked: “My thinking was that I’m a person who is comfortable taking photos, helping a subject feel comfortable having their photo be taken. What if I became a photographer who was uncomfortable taking photos, who was photographing a subject who was similarly uncomfortable?” said Trevor in an interview with Bored Panda.

For the photographer, The Nude Portrait series was a new and frightening experience at first: “Even with people I knew, it was stressful and strange to carry on a conversation and direct a portrait shoot while I was nude. I did about 50 shoots for the series and never really enjoyed them,” said Trevor. Although he got used to the process with time: “I also noticed subjects didn’t seem to react as strongly to my nudity either. What I realized is that when you’re taking a persons photo, they’re looking to you to know how to feel. So as you become more confident and collected, they’ll be the same way. They’re feeding off your energy.”

Many people loved the project and said it opens up the topics of how people perceive nudity and vulnerability. Check out the unique series in the gallery below!

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Hillary, 24, friend, student

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Olivia, 28, acquaintance, opera masters student; Makenzie, 28, acquaintance, opera masters student Chole; 11 months old, acquaintance, cat

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Jordan, 24, friend, quality assurance

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Members of the band Fictionist

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Susie, 22, photographed in her bedroom at her Koreatown, LA apartment

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Austin, 27, girlfriend at the time, middle school teacher, photographed at her home in Provo, Utah

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Madelyne, 25, elementary school friend, executive assistant

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Kari, 26, works in IT, former stripper. Photographed at her apartment that she and her boyfriend share in Salt Lake City

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Victoria and her younger sister Hannah, shot in Provo, Utah

Image source: Trevor Christensen


Rae, 42, web developer, photographed in her bedroom in Santa Monica, California

Image source: Trevor Christensen

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