10+ Things Blending Perfectly Into Their Surroundings

Published 7 years ago

Rest your eyes, because otherwise, you might strain them trying to find these objects camouflaged perfectly into their surrounds.

From clothes and phone cases to animals and even food, these champions of hiding have simply disappeared in the pictures below, and even more surprisingly, most of them weren’t meant to do so!

Have you ever stumbled upon these chameleons yourself? Show us your finds in the comments!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My Shirt Matched My Pasta Bowl Last Night

Image source: www.reddit.com

#2 These Flip Flops Match Perfectly With The Shelf

Image source: www.reddit.com

#3 My Shoes Are The Same Color As This Carpet

Image source: www.reddit.com

#4 My Pizza Was Camouflaged To My Countertop

Image source: www.reddit.com

#5 Let’s Play A Game. Look For The Cellphone

Image source: www.facebook.com

#6 Socks

Image source: imgur.com

#7 My Wallet Matches My Cars Seats

Image source: www.reddit.com

#8 This Watusi Bull Looks Transparent Through Its Spots

Image source: www.reddit.com

#9 Soap Is The Same Color As Its Environment

Image source: www.reddit.com

#10 My Bandaid Is The Exact Color Of My Skin

Image source: www.reddit.com


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