25 Things That Made People Feel Old

Published 2 months ago

We all like to think of ourselves as forever young, right until reality hits us with unmistakable signs that our youth is behind us.

Recently, someone posed an intriguing question on Reddit: “What’s your ‘I’m old now’ indicator?” The responses poured in, filled with humor, nostalgia, and a touch of melancholy, revealing the moments when people realized they were no longer young. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: Neko-chiliocosm, Malachi Cowie/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

I’m almost always tired. But not like sleepy tired and more like feeling thin tired.if that makes sense.


Image source: National-Crew-327, Jan Meeus/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

I have an app for identifying bird calls, I’m happy when I can hear the mocking bird that seemingly nests in my neighborhood.


My favorite hobby is sleeping.

Image source: anon


Image source: B0ngoZ0ngo, Taryn Elliott/Pexels (not the actual photo)

Being more exited about the blossoming of trees and the end of winter than the next party

This actually was a topic with younger friend.


My back hurts, and that’s the default state.

And when I have to pee, there’s no buildup. I don’t have to pee, for hours, and then at some random second, I’m immediately doing the peepee dance and running to the bathroom.

Image source: Dysmach


Refilling my pill pack on Saturday evenings. IYKYK.

Image source: Vinnie_Dime_1974


Image source: Curiouscatlearning, freestocks.org/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I never had kid,s but suddenly all my friends are grandparents.


Image source: bignatenz, Alexis Brown/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

I say “when I was your age…” unironically.


Image source: Temporary_Delivery37, warnerbros (not the actual photo)

My “I’m old now” indicator was when I started sympathizing with the parents in teen movies.


Image source: Cool-Collection-7659, Ryan Brooklyn/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

It dawned on me when I started thinking policemen looked too young to be in charge of anything.


Image source: guitarashamedj, Jp Valery/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

Realizing that I consider 9 p.m. a perfectly reasonable time to say, “Well, it’s about time to hit the hay!”.


Image source: Flux_Inverter, Picsea/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

My nephew that I used to babysit and change his diapers is turning 41 this year. His kid is turning 13.


Image source: likwidfuzion, Adeolu Eletu/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

When you’re filling out surveys and questionnaires then you realize you’re selecting the next age range.


Image source: whodiinne, rivage/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

I went back to my home town after being gone about 20 years. I heard myself say “man, this is crazy. I remember when this was all dairy farms.”


Image source: bloodercup, Arlington Research/Unsplash (Not the actual photo)

I have no idea wtf my young (20-25) coworkers are talking about half the time.


Image source: spaniel_rage, Erik Lucatero/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

I have no idea who most of the “celebrities” mentioned on social media are.


Image source: National_Matter1001, Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I hate unnecessary noise. I really appreciate silence and calm.


Image source: FerricDonkey, Sergey Sokolov/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

When I was a kid in 90s, the 60s were ancient history. I refuse to make the logical connection about the current state of the 90s. The 90s were just a few years ago. .


Image source: Different-Pin-9234, Greg Rosenke/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

I want to be home before the street lamps turn on.


Image source: beers_n_bags, amazon (not the actual photo)

I got excited about buying a steam mop.


Music awards shows. Wife and I spend the entire time asking each other; “Who?”.

Image source: Suspicious-Rich-3212


Image source: cinderblock16, Jurian Kersten/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

When you hear Nirvana being played on Adult Contemporary radio stations.


Image source: Novel-Coast-957, Josh Rose/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

Just knowing that now whenever someone takes a photo of me on their phone and then shows me the photo, I will always see a little “old lady” staring back at me. .


Image source: Cheap-Consequences, Priscilla Du Preez ??/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

When people ask me how old I am, I respond with “how old do I look” and get really excited about the guessing game.


Image source: BLUE_Selectric1976, Bianca Ackermann/Unsplash (not the actual photo)

You start feeling that music from your childhood is better than anything coming out today.

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