40 Photos Of People Accurately Recreating Old Family Photos

Published 4 weeks ago

Recreating childhood family photos has become a popular trend on the internet, and it’s both heartwarming and impressive. People are dedicating themselves to recreating every detail, no matter how small, from cradling their now-grown baby brother to wearing a bib at 42. Some are even going as far as to match outfits and poses perfectly, while others capture the essence of their loved ones in uncanny ways. We’ve compiled a collection of these amazing recreations for you to enjoy below. 

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#1 This Has Been 14 Years In The Making. I Present To You The Final Chapter

Image source: Hicksapotamis

#2 Grandma’s Genes Are Strong With This One

Image source: contrashelby

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: Not really, I can see gran is wearing genes in the first photo, but cannot see you wearing genes in the second photo.

#3 18 Years Later, My Brothers And I Recreated A Portrait From Our Childhood

Image source: madblackspy

#4 It’s Unexplainable How Much Effort And Commitment Went Into This Photo Remake Of Me And Brother

Image source: tyrol13

#5 My Grandfather With His Mini, And Me With Mine

Image source: XTDVMini

#6 Recreated My Grandparents’ Wedding Photo From 1954 At Our Own Wedding On Friday

Image source: akaRoger

#7 Me And My Kids, 2017 To 2022

Image source: Ok-Current-503

#8 My Awkward Family Photo Recreation Complete With Handmade Adult Onesie

Image source: jakenastics

#9 Today I Got To Fly In My Grandfather’s Restored WW2 Hurricane

Image source: missbazil

#10 First Photo Of Us, Six Years Later

Image source: servethyneighbor

#11 The Family That Showers Together, Stays Together. 1993 vs. 2015

Image source: Mutropolis

Boredest Panda: The faces, the faces! 🤣😂🤣🤣

#12 I Convinced My Parents To Recreate Their Wedding Photo 45 Years Later, Including The Same Dress. 1968 vs. 2013

Image source: mattkruse

#13 Here’s My Grandma’s Handmade Rainbow Sweater In Action 35 Years Apart (1984 vs. 2019)

Image source: Thea_From_Juilliard

#14 We Met In Second Grade In 1997. Here We Are 21 Years Later

Image source: AudsOrEvens

#15 Thanks Mom For Dressing Us In The Most Oddly Colored Turtlenecks You Could Find. Recreating This For Your And Dad’s Anniversary Wasn’t Hard At All

Image source: MaReCh

#16 Grandkids In 1994 vs. 2022

Image source: Cheese_Beard_88

#17 Made My Mom Laugh More Than I’ve Ever Seen (Recreation 18 Years Later)

Image source: Claybotron

#18 1984 And 2013 – 29 Years Later, My Brothers And I Recreated Our Family Vacation Photo At The Texas State Capitol

Image source: asuh

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: They have swapped heights.

#19 For Our Father’s Birthday, We Tried To Take The Same Picture 20 Years Later. We Grew Up A Bit

Image source: reddit.com

#20 I Wore My Grandmother’s Wedding Dress From 1956 For My Own Wedding In 2019. Fit Like A Dream

Image source: stinachu

#21 My Parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary, Wearing The Same Dress, Suit And Flowers As They Did 40 Years Ago

Image source: thiswasnottaken

Crystal Spencer: Dang, they weren’t kidding about it being the same exact flowers! Lol

#22 10 Years Apart

Image source: DirtyDrummer

#23 My Dad And I Had The Chance To Take A Trip We Had Taken Once, 15 Years Ago. I Decided To Recreate A Photo As A Tribute

Image source: Mr_Smithy

#24 My Mom And I Recreated A Pose From 1989. It’s Not Perfect, But We Had A Blast

Image source: oodontheloo

#25 My Grandparents, 1970 To 2014

Image source: markianna

#26 My Brothers’ And My Gift For My Parents: A 12-Page Calendar Of Recreated Photos

Image source: RUSirius7

#27 People Always Told Me I Looked Like My Father. So When I Found A Photo Of Him At 28 Years Old, I Had To Recreate It When I Turned 28

Image source: Trollshak

Antonia: No paternity test needed

#28 My Cousin And I Recreated My Pre-School Graduation Picture On My Uni Graduation Day. November 2004 And April 2024

Image source: Tebo_Motebejane

#29 My Wife, My Daughter, And My Grandson, Sitting On Santa’s Lap… Sixty Years Apart

Image source: upandattem

#30 Recreating A Favorite Photo From When Both Sons Were Little. Mom Used To Be The Tallest. Now The Youngest Is The Tallest, Mom Is The Smallest, And The Oldest Is Still In The Middle

Image source: AlwaysSunnyinOC22

#31 My Parents On My Mom’s 21st Birthday (1988) And In The Same Spot 28 Years Later (2016). They’re Going On 31 Years Together This May. My dad is dressed as his young self in the 2016 recreation. He’s bald now.

Image source: dat_me

#32 Throwback Of My Father-In-Law And Sister-In-Law In 1990, And Then Father-In-Law And Niece Today

Image source: poohseph

#33 25 Years Apart. My Dad And Uncles Holding Me

Image source: YoungMerk33

#34 My Grandmother Wearing Her Original Wedding Dress On Her 60th Anniversary With My Grandfather. They Are A Proof Of True Love And Commitment

Image source: songbird2488

#35 My Parents Took Pictures Of Us Asleep In Weird Positions When We Were Kids. We Recreated The Photos As Adults, But Just Look Like A Bunch Of Drunks

Image source: Bsnargleplexis

Jennik: Must have been raised by cats.

#36 My Girlfriend Dressed Up As Me From An Old High School Football Photo And She Looks Infinitely Tougher Than I Did

Image source: RastaDonut

#37 This Childhood Recreation Picture Of Me, My Brother And Two Cousins

Image source: Pacificfrim

#38 My Dad And I Recreated A Photo Of Us From 1995

Image source: lilyah

#39 2 Of My Uncles Recreating A Decade-Old Picture (1980 vs. 2018)

Image source: evanjmckenna

#40 For Father’s Day This Year I Recreated My Favorite Picture Of My Dad. Him After Graduating High School In 1980 And Me After Graduating Today

Image source: uniquersneaker

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