“Tell Us One Thing About Your Dad”: 30 Moving Answers From A Candid Thread

Published 1 month ago

Sometimes we encounter people who greatly impress us with their actions. They have even inspired other people watching to try to do better themselves. Sometimes we are lucky to call these amazing people our family. 

As we celebrated Father’s Day X user feyisayo inspired a heartwarming discussion online when they wrote a one-liner post: “Tell us one thing about your dad.” Netizens took a moment to reflect on the most memorable childhood event concerning their fathers. Scroll to check out the most wholesome and sometimes shocking memories found on the thread in the gallery below. 

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Marcos Valencia: I’m a father, and I think the real hero is OP. I hope that, if one of my children should live a moment like this, they will have the power to call me. Crossing continents is nothing compared. OP is the hero.


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Jess Smith: GrandScheme.docx? C’mon, that just screams supervillainy. He should’ve labeled it ‘ComputerIssues.docx’ or ‘Taxes2014.docx’ or whatever. Something unassuming.


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Ael: If societies would finally learn that people like him, not celebrities, not “royalty”, not powerful politicians, and not the super rich are who truly serve and carry society, we’d be better off.


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Richienotsorich: Failed dismally…needed a flux capacitor and Mr Fusion in the design!


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Tiffany Sauter : I’m sorry he did that. I work for a transgender program and parents call not understanding what is happening with their kids and they don’t know what to do. He clearly could have used some support on how to better handle his feelings.


Image source: morty4texas

Mark: For those who don’t know, a Bouncing Betty was a German mine that ‘jumped’ when activated to detonate at about 1 meter, used because a higher detonation height has a larger area of effect


Image source: marccormier

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