20 Times People Shared Their Thoughts On The Most Hyped Cuisine

Published 12 months ago

The excitement surrounding certain dishes is sometimes just overrated for no reason at all. So, when a Redditor asked, “What is the most overrated cuisine?”, many folks shared their opinions about food and food-related stuff.

From visually stunning desserts to exotic ingredients, the answers in the thread show that our culinary expectations are often shaped by the hype surrounding them. However, not every highly praised food item lives up to the exaggerated claims.

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Image source: sofarleftigotmyguns, Ville Oksanen

“Any foam or mousse from a Michelin star restaurant.

Pigeon foam. Wtf did I just pay $200 to eat?”


Image source: viillanelles, Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist

“Not really a cuisine per se, but ‘shock food’

You know those giant milkshakes with whole slices of cake and candy on top, or quadruple cheeseburgers with so much cheese it’s running everywhere. It’s just not practical/tasty and really only exists to get a cool picture.”


Image source: ThoseArentCarrots, Silvia Trigo

“Fancy cupcakes. Every ‘designer’ cupcake I’ve had has been incredibly dry. I just don’t get why they charge $5-$10 per serving, but the quality of the cake is below a Walmart sheet cake.”


Image source: Zealousideal-View142, Mike Mozart

“The damn banana-flavoured food and cherry-flavoured food.

Banana is delicious but banana-flavoured stuff tastes so fake and weird.

Cherry-flavoured food just tastes like chemicals and cough drops.”


Image source: bushbeanbuddy, Tara Winstead

“Gold-flaked cuisine”


Image source: leeroy525, Matheus Bertelli

“Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant was s**t. It genuinely made me question everything I’ve seen him criticize and wonder ‘does this guy just have horrible taste?'”


Image source: soobold, Lisa Fotios

“Kid cuisine. The brownie usually comes out hard as a rock and the mac and cheese is watery.”


Image source: unbannabledan, Budgeron Bach

“American Italian. It’s heavy and repetitive.”


Image source: Ad_Captandum_Vulgus, Kasumi Loffler

“Steak. I call it the steak cult. For the life of me, I cannot understand it.

Don’t get me wrong – I like a good steak. I eat it relatively often. It is sometimes exactly what I’m craving. And there’s absolutely a difference between a good steak and a bad steak.

But the steak cult is way beyond that – people fetishize it as the ‘best’ meal you could ever have. On a menu, they’ll be willing to pay double or triple the price for any other main dish, just because it’s steak. They fall for every silly, cheap marketing trick in the book (Oh this one isn’t just Angus, it’s BLACK Angus beef – that’ll be 30% more expensive; this one here is 5 million hour aged Wagyu beef and the cow was slightly cross-eyed – I’m afraid you’ll have to remortgage your house to afford this prime slice of meat).

It’s dumb. On an objective level, the complexity that goes into cooking a steak is far less than a really good risotto. The flavours are less complex, and you can simply do less; it’s less innovative, and less overall impressive.

It’s also completely decoupled from supply and demand – a saffron risotto should cost significantly more than just about any steak – saffron is actually rare, whereas cows are everywhere, and there’s no shortage of even the ‘prime’ beef cows.

Plus then all of the fetishization around how you ‘insult the chef and the meat’ if you order it any other way than medium-rare….

Agh the whole thing is just infuriating. It’s so wrapped up in last-century ideas of meat being rare and precious, and the more meat you ate the richer you were.

But I just want to shake people and say – do you really think that the $130 steak you just bought is four times better than any pasta dish or coq-au-vin or sushi or paella or pizza you’ve ever had? Seriously?”


Image source: ministarfallen, Syed Muhammad Afifi

“Fusion food. Overpriced and overrated and only occasionally done well.”


Image source: atlantis1021

“Chilean sea bass. Just awful.”


Image source: Akiram, ROMAN ODINTSOV

“French. It’s considered super fancy, but every time I’ve ever seen it, it looks disgusting and sounds like it only tastes good because of everything drowning in butter.”


Image source: wilsonbl5150, alleksana

“Deconstructed anything.

glennok added:

I once ordered deconstructed salmon cream cheese bagel from a diner, it was 5 dollars more. Was literally just all the ingredients for the regular bagel spread out on a plate. Never again.”


Image source: Opening_Fly135, Klaus Nielsen

“Expensive Italian, a 30 dollar pasta is straight robbery.”


Image source: gmen_forever, Antony Trivet

“The most expensive dishes. ‘Yeah, man these diamonds sautéed in truffle oil and emerald dust are good, but do you have a cheeseburger?'”


Image source: Deadpool2715, Thomas Timlen

“British food.”


Image source: Substantial_Cold2385, Markus Winkler

“Korean BBQ- If I wanted to cook my meal…I would just stay home & save my money.”


Image source: no_need_really, Diego Pontes

“Sushi. It’s very pretty and I like the conveyor belt they sometimes use(more foods should have this), but those are by far the best parts.”


Image source: zerob_directv, Sarah Stierch

“Mexican… it’s all beans, cheese, rice and tortillas presented in different ways.”


Image source: MpVpRb, Mariam Antadze

“Any of the artsy-fartsy stuff where they care more about appearance than taste.”

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